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Get Groupon Credit worth Rs.500 for Rs. 95 only(426% profit)

Groupon is deal of the day website that provides users with Discounted gift Certificates which is usable at Local or National Companies. Groupon is a multinational company which started from Chicago, and then expanding in other parts. Now in India also groupon is providing some offfers that saves a lot of money from your Pocket. Its also one of the companies that are providing users with cool offers to expand their market in India.

What’s good thing about Groupon ?

It provides best deals around your place. It provides coupons and gift certificates that can be used around your local shops or market to get heavy Discount and thus buy the product with best possible price.

How to get Groupon Credit worth 500rs for just 95 rs ?

  • Go to this link(Groupon Offer Page).
  • Go to Choose option at top of the website and the select Buy
  • Now choose the payment method, You can Choose Pay using PayUMoney option where you will get extra 5% discount on your transaction amount. That is if you have to pay 100rs then you will get 5rs discount and have to pay only 95rs. You can get maximum 50rs discount through PayUMoney. You can register at PayUMoney and then paying via any of you suitable method such as Netbanking, Credit card or Debit card.
  • After successful payment you will get 500rs Groupon credit and that can be used to buy any item on You can buy deals at Restaurants, Vacations, Shopping, Electronic items and many more items through these Credits.

Other offers at Groupon

  • Pay 1500 rs and get 2500 rs Groupon Credits
  • Pay 7500 rs and get 10,000 rs Groupon Credits

Note:While paying 1500 or 7500 at Groupon you can get 50rs discount if your pay via PayUMoney

 Important info about offer:

  • All credits need to be used upto 19th June, 2015.
  • The offer cannot be bought using Groupon Credits
  • Offer is valid for one time per user


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