**{SHAREit~vs~Xender} – Which One is Better?

Undoubtedly, SHAREit and Xender apps are the best file transferring applications available in the market right now. Anyone would enjoy them on their Phone or tab. You can easily transfer files from one device to another as long as, you have space in your phone. 

They both compete with each other at a level that is quite an achievement to reach. Therefore, we can say that they both share in some common features, like both have their primary function as to share files from one device to another, as well as SHAREit 4.0 and Xender both work at a lighting speed.

We all knew that due to their excellent features and commendable work, SHAREit and Xender are going to be compared some day. So, today we will be discussing the best between them. Let’s see what we got: –


SHAREit is for sure one of the best application for sharing files, documents, videos, songs and pictures without any extra effort. It works well on all devices. SHAREit has recently reached 600 million users that call for an applause. Due to its increasing demand and incredible work, Shareit for windows has reached to this level.

Let’s see what features does SHAREit holds for itself:

Share it

  • Share multiple files : At a stretch, you can transfer multiple files in a go.
  • Easy connection : You don’t need to put USB or connect to extra connection. It uses it own network connection.
  • Save battery: Save your battery juice by sending files from SHAREit for laptop. It does not use bluetooth that leads to time and battery saving mode.
  • Faster: SHAREit is 200 times faster than bluetooth. Works on all devices with the same speed.
  • Group Sharing: Now you can share files between at least 5 devices at the same point, unlike bluetooth where you could only connect to one device at a time.

Now we will talk about the its competitor- xender file transfer app.


Xender app shares almost the same features as SHAREit. It can transfer files like heavy documents, files, folders, music, videos and pictures. With the new updates, users can now share files between a smartphone to a PC or from a Macbook to a Chromebook. It makes very easy for users to send their official files from one device to another in almost no time.


  • No connection needed: No extra connection needed to transfer file. It just needs a WiFi direct connection between the devices.
  • Faster: It is for sure faster than Bluetooth, with a lightning speed.
  • Batch sharing: It allows you to share files with 4 devices at a stretch
  • Cross-platform sharing: Share files between iOS and Android devices without any extra hard work.


So as per the comparison above, we all have seen that SHAREit gives you a good number of features and good quality to the experience.

Therefore, we can declare that here, SHAREit is the best application that you can have on your mobile or any other device you want.

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  • SHAREit is a free application that lets you send your content between PC, iOS and Android devices like photos, videos, music, and documents.

    • Yes, this is the first application to support cross transfer (ios to android and vice versa).
      I hope you enjoyed the post.
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