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Download Tubemate For Windows 10/7/8 || Free YouTube Downloader

 Download Tubemate For PC: Tubemate is the best application for downloading youtube videos. It is considered as topmost app for android smartphone to download youtube videos. The more important thing is the tubemate downloader customization feature.

While downloading videos from youtube you can also opt for audio only and different qualities available for that video. Even also you can select the format in tubemate which are supported on your phone for downloading.

I must say if you own an android device then Tubemate is the must have application. You can not only download the YouTube videos but also can do lots of other stuff. I will explain all the functionalities of Tubemate for pc app in this article.

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Best Features Of Tubemate Youtube Video Downloader for pc: 

  • Tubemate for pc has the ability to download videos from youtube by only a single click.
  • You can choose the various resolution available for that video for downloading. If you want to have low size video then you can go for lower resolution of video.
  • The best thing I liked about tubemate youtube video downloader is that this app provide you different formats for videos. You can choose the format which your device supports. Formats can be mp4,FLV,3GP and WEBM too.
  • Tubemate for pc youtube downloader lets you download selectively the audio of that video.

If you are on pc then you can use some add-on or extension for downloading youtube videos. Like if you have IDM installed properly in your computer then you can easily download Youtube videos with the help of single click.

But such functionalities is not available to android smartphone users. If you want to download youtube videos then you should get Tubemate For PC (Windows 7/8/10). You need to specially try out some other options for downloading YouTube videos. If you have an android device then I highly recommend you to have the tubemate for pc youtube downloader. It provides you desktop like facility for downloading videos from youtube.

Tubemate for pc

Tubemate for pc is extensively popular these days. If you have heard about tubemate app then you will probably search for download tubemate for pc. If you don’t own some premium things for downloading youtube videos on desktop. So I decided to write on how to download and install Tubmate on Windows OS 7/8/8.1/10. So in this tutorial I will explain all the process of downloading tubmate. It will also contain how to use tubemate for windows computers.

How To Download Tubemate For PC And Mac – Tubemate Downloader For PC:

Just like other android app you can follow the steps for downloading Tubemate for pc. Earlier I have explained about droid4x and bluestacks for emulation of android device. If I say in simple words these software will help you to play android apps on your pc.

In this article I will guide you with the every step you need to download Tubemate for pc and how to use Tubemate for windows PC/Laptop. Tubemate is undoubtly the best youtube video downloader application for your pc and android devices. So lets go into the method of downloading tubemate for pc.

As you know, you cannot run directly android apps on pc. But with the help of some android emulator software you can run android apps on windows OS. You can either opt for Bluestacks or droid4x.

After installing the android emulator software you can go for below mentioned guide for installing tubemate on your windows/desktop etc.

Steps To Download Tubemate For PC – Simple Steps To Get Tubemate Downloader For Free On Windows PC:

  • Open the bluestacks software. As Bluestacks itself behaves like an OS so you need to give it sometime. You can see the screen like below one on your computer. Here we are using bluestacks to run tubemate for pc app. You can also opt for others.

Bluestacks app player

  • Now you have to search for “tubemate” through the search facility. Search icon is located on the left upper corner of the software.

search-for- xender-app

  • You will see “search play for tubemate”. Click on it and it will let you go to play store.
  • In the play store click on the install button. Now Tubemate for pc will start downloading. Installation process is automated. It mean when the apk file gets downloaded then installation of tubemate on your pc will start automatically.

The above method work in almost every case. However sometimes it may not work. You can opt for below mentioned method for downloading Tubemate downloader on your pc.

Second alternative Method To download And Install Tubemate for PC (Very Easy):

You will find this method quite easy compare to the first one for downloading tubemate for pc. If you are aware of bluestacks functionality then probably you might be knowing this method. In bluestacks or any android emulator software you can install apps through two methods. First is through searching on the play store. The second one is directly opening the apk file of application in android emulators.

So in this method you need to download the apk file of tubemate for pc. The official download link for downloading tubemate youtube downloader is given below.

Download Tubem

ate APK
  • When apk file get downloaded then right click on it. You will see different options there. Choose “open with” and then bluestacks app player.
  • When you choose to open it with bluestacks then bluestacks will automatically install the tubemate youtube downloader for your windows system.


  • Installation process will need some time. When installation process gets finished then you can locate tubemate application by going to “all apps” option in bluestacks.

How to Use Tubemate In Windows 8/8.1/7/10/PC:

  • In bluestacks naviage to all apps->tubemate . click on the tubemate application. Through this way you will use tubemate for pc/window computer.
  • Tubemate application will launch now. It will show it’s features. You can either change the default preferences or let them as they are. You can change the settings later. If you are dying to download youtube videos to your computer. J
  • If everything is right then you will see tubemate for pc application icon.
  • You can download any video from youtube with the help of tubemate . There is no restriction on any video. For downloading your favorite video, just go to search and type the name of the video you wish to download and hit enter. Now search results will be shown to you. Select the appropriate video you wish to download on your computer.
  • While YouTube try to play video or in playing mode then you can see a green download icon on the top right side of tubemate application. You can click on this button to download that particular video. Tubemate will then start downloading that video on your pc.
  • Tubemate for pc will also show you different format available for that video. You can choose the format which you need.different format for videos in tubemate for pc

The downloading of tubemate for pc process is quite fast. However it will also depend on your net plan.  Tubemate will save downloaded video in your memory card.

That’s it. In this way you can download any video from YouTube with the help of this tubemate pc application.

I have made a quite bit of research before writing this article and tried to presend the exact step you need to follow for downloading and using of tubemate for pc. It is indeed the best solution of youtube downloader for pc.

If you have any query related to tubemate for pc then you can always tell us your problem in comments. I will get back to you with solution in some hours.

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