How to Download Torrents Anonymously: 1

How to Download Torrents Anonymously:

We all love to get paid stuff for free. Usually, we search anything such as media files, Software, or any game on the Internet. If these contents are not available for free,How to Download Torrents Anonymously: 2 Most of us the open torrent sites to get those content for free. Because there is only one option(Torrenting Sites) possible to get those content for free. Or those who haven’t much money to buy paid software, games, etc.,

Go to torrent to download crack software. So torrenting is the most popular way to grab useful stuff (Media, Software, Games, Ebooks) from the Internet. There are hundreds of torrent sites available on the Internet from where you can download paid content for free.

Do you know using torrent sites might be illegal in your region?

Yes, This is right.

Most of the Govt. banned torrent sites in their country. Using Torrents in India is illegal. Torrenting in India has been banned by Indian Govt. So beware if you are going to use torrents. There is no shortcut to download torrents anonymously

Don’t worry guys. If one door closes, other opens. Still, there are many ways to use torrent. Here in this post, I’m going to share few ideas to download torrents anonymously. Yes, You can use them to download free stuff anonymously. Keep Reading further.

How to download torrents anonymously

Fortunately, You can use torrent without disclosing your privacy. None can detect while using torrenting sites. So let’s learn how to download torrents anonymously.

Using Proxy (Unsafe)—-

Proxy is the direct way to download torrents anonymously. It is quite easy but might not be safe. So I don’t recommend this. There are free proxies available on the internet, but they are not secure until you use Paid proxies. So I would suggest using Paid proxies if you are going to use torrents. Free Proxies might be slow and unsafe. Many Pirate Bays user use free pirate bays proxy. They are not secure.

I wouldn’t recommend them. I genuinely suggest you Install VPNs on your Computer to use torrents anonymously.

Use VPNs and Stay Anonymous—-

It is the best, secure and straightforward way to access any sites anonymously. You can use VPNs when you are not authorized to access any particular website or which is blocked by your Govt. or country. So VPN is an excellent idea when it comes to download torrents anonymously.

VPN hide your IP, encrypt your connection and keep you secure from Hackers. So none can track you, and you can download Torrents anonymously.

Access Torrent Using Seedbox—-

If you are seriuos about torrenting, then seedbox does a great job. You might be thinking What Seedbox is? Seedbox is a high powered server which is strictly dedicated to torrents. Seedbox is faster and very secure.

Quality seedbox offers SFTP. Through this, your all downloads from seedbox will be encrypted. Even It doesn’t allow ISP to see what are you downloading or doing on the Internet.

You can check quality seedbox providers below–

There are many you can search the Query “Best Seedbox Providers” and buy which is good for you.


Hope you guys learned, how to download torrents anonymously.

These are 3 ways to download torrents. I again would not recommend the 1st method. Better to use free VPN tools, VPN Browser Extension. If you have any query, a question regarding this post, you can comment below. I’ll get you with a solution.

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