5 Dangerous Apps You Shouldn’t Install on Your Mac

Nowadays, there is an app for anything that you want. Be it the games or the banking, you are just an app away from doing the same comfortably. It appears to us that these apps have made life a bed of roses for us and it is surely the case but not always. These days we encounter several apps that appears to be helpful as well as useful for us but in a disguise these are actually a harm for our systems.


They keep serving us in the external and internally these are continuously damaging our systems. Talking precisely about your Mac, you might be using the helpful apps like cleanmymac. The question arises that is cleanmymac safe? The answer is probably yes, it appears to be but at times it acts as a potential threat to your Mac. Here we are with the list of 5 Dangerous Apps You Shouldn’t Install on Your Mac. These are as follows:

1. DiDi Taxi

This is one of the few apps that was considered to be a threat by the Apple. Eventually the store removed this app and currently it us no longer available for download on the app store. It was supposed to have certain elements that posed threat to the system.

2. 58 Classified – Job, Used Cars, Rent

This is one of the popular apps that is used worldwide. However, the app was found infecting the system and deteriorating its quality and performance. It can be a potential threat for your system therefore should not be installed.

3. Gaode Map – Driving and Public Transportation

This is one app that comes disguised as a friend. It poses threat to your system. One of the – Driving and Public Transportation was found spreading infection and virus on your system. Therefore, it is suggested that you should not download the app on your system.

4. Railroad 12306

Another app that can prove fatal for your Mac is Railroad 12306. It tends to damage your system by infecting it with some fac the severe types of the infection that proves detrimental for your system.

5. Flush

You might have been using the app, not knowing that this app can prove to be a fatal for the quality and the work performance of your system. Moreover, it is dangerous in the way that it tends to infect your device with some of the virus that are a big threat. In addition to this, it is expected that the app has been removed from the app store as well. You will no longer find it available there.

All in all these are the 5 Dangerous Apps You Shouldn’t Install on Your Mac. These apps disguise themselves as user friendly but actually what these do is harm you.

All these apps eventually results in damaging your Mac, so do not think of even installing these apps on your system and instead go in for their alternatives. Besides, these there were many apps that were considered dangerous eventually resulting in throwing them out of the app store.