Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Website Design Should Be Simple And Straightforward As Possible

Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Website Design Should Be Simple And Straightforward As Possible 1

Your website is the most important aspect of your business, because it is the digital storefront of your organisation.

People get their first impression about your business after they go through your website. If your website lacks the material but people are looking for, it could take a hit on your business. If your website is lacking in design, people might decide not to do business with you.

There is a research that suggests 48% of the people decide the credibility of a business by the design of its website.

Many researchers suggest that a simple design for the website can do the trick. If you are someone who owns an e-commerce website, read on to find out why a simple design can work wonders for your business.

Never Gets Outdated

One of the biggest problems that websites face today is becoming outdated quickly. It might seem that you just finished an update and the time has come for another. Busy and funky designs lose their allure, and become outdated quickly.

History has shown us that the ‘Keep calm and carry on’ design which was created in 1939, has been used even today. The reason that it has withstood the tests of time is that it had a clean and simple design.

Easier To Scan

It is no secret that web users do not read every word on your website. According to research 58% of the users just skim through websites if they are constrained by time. If you are willing to maximise the number of people who are reading your website you should step down the design of your website to the bare essentials. By doing so you can let leaders focus their attention on what matters the most on your website.


As the number of web users increase day by day, so a lot of the people with disabilities who are trying to consume your content. Every business website has to have features that makes it accessible to a large number of people as possible.

A simpler ecommerce website design is is easy to access, while compared to websites that have a lot of images and complex designs on it. The idea is quite simple over here—if you want more people to visit your website, you need to include accessible and minimalistic designs.

Makes Your Website Sound Less Salesy

The biggest problem that flashy websites face is that they sound so salesy. They think that being flashy can increase the number of customers and revenue, but they are just driving away a lot of potential customers.

By using online tools like Shopify, users can browse through a large number of simple and elegant designs that are either free or affordable. Having a minimalistic design on your website draws in customers, by making them feel that the site is not trying to sell to them.

Website Loading Time

It is important to note that simple designs load faster. There is research that suggests that the website bounce rate increased by 48% if the website takes just 4 seconds to load. Some of the features that slow down the load time of our website include complex images, a large list of options, and unwanted features.

By eliminating these, and implementing a minimalistic design for your website can boost search engine traffic, and also load your website faster at rocket speeds.

Easy To Use

The whole point of creating a website is for users to use it. By simplifying your website and using minimalistic designs, you can increase the usability. The key to do this is by reducing the number of options available on your website.

But you need to make sure that you don’t remove essential options, otherwise users would become frustrated while using your website. You can also simplify the navigation of your website by removing unwanted options on the front page and allowing only one course of action.

Easy To Fix

When it comes to creating an ecommerce website design nothing is easy. When you have a complex and cluttered design, it becomes difficult to coordinate and maintain things. Also, if you need to update the website it becomes a hassle. In case there is a bug on your website, it takes less time and programmers can rectify the solution easily. When it comes to cluttered websites, the process gets delayed by a large extent.

It doesn’t matter what industry your ecommerce website belongs to, having a simpler design can make a website look more professional and builds trust among your customers.

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