5 Benefits of Using the Parental Control/Monitoring Software for Parents

In the age of Digitization, it doesn’t take much time for content to get viral and accessed by people around the world without any restriction.

Many teenagers started using smartphone and accessing this kind of content on internet and their parents might don’t know about it at all. Apart from bad content there are plenty of cyber dangers which parents should worry about because their kids might be the victim of it.

To avoid such cyber threats and other dangers parents have one choice and that is Parental Control Software. Parental Control Software helps parents to put restriction on access of categorical content for their kids, track other activities such as spy on text messages, child’s location with the help of GPS and much more. Parenting Control Software works smoothly on Android devices and compatible with almost all types of smart phones.

In this article, we will be talking about certain benefits of Parental Control Software and its work module. Parents should know how to choose best parental control software before making final decision. You can also bypass Google FRP lock. Parents should read all the details, features, risk and limitations before buying such software from service providers.

Going forward, we would like to tell you about 5 benefits while integrating a ‘Parental Control Software’ on their kid’s phone.

#1 Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying has started to become one of the fastest growing trends on the Internet where a person is threatened to get bullied over the Internet for something he/she is forced to think to have done it as per their digital behavior patterns. Kid might get depressed from cyber bullying and parents should worry about it. Using Parental Control Software parents can track and spy on text messages which gives them idea who bullying their kids.

#2 Stop kids from entering danger zone

As one of the features allow you to track location of your kids, it helps you as a parent to not let your children to go to an unsafe zone such as not letting them to go near the area covered by water and etc. Parental control software like TiSPY allows parents to track kids exact current location and path which helps them to know where their kid is right now. Parents knows about danger places as well so they can even set geo fencing alert, so whenever their kid enters in unsafe zone then parents will get instant alert.


#3 Block Website & Apps

With trending games such a Blue Whale and websites having 18+ content is not what you want your children to get hands on and with the help of software, a parent can block irrelevant and unwanted sites/Apps to protect their children on trying out things which can be dangerous.

#4 Leak of Personal Details

This is a kind of Cyber Bully where unknown people share some sensitive information over the Internet or is lured by one to demand money for the sensitive content/information they have about the other. For example – You might have heard about the cases of people demanding money to keep the exchanged sensitive information (messages/videos) a secret.

#5 Live Audio & Video of Surroundings –

Apart from the live image, you’ll acquire the location instantly and a lot more features. If the mobile gets stolen by anyone, you can make your phone ring loudly by accessing the feature.

The Ring does not stop until the phone gets unlocked, pretty useful feature Right?

Also, If your kid carries the smartphone to his or her school or college and if you have any doubt in regards to the activities, like unsafe zones, bad company or simply anything that is not right and you want to have a check, then you can listen to the live audio via the Mic and you can also stream the live video via the camera of the smartphone. This feature helps parents to get an idea about their kid’s surroundings and safety.

Conclusion :

While, the Internet permit kids to access anonymous files which may include unsafe content like adult videos and images.

Kids have minimal understanding of Cyber crime nevertheless they are one click off to commit one. It’s also possible for you to examine messages which were delivered or received via your phone along with sender number, receiver variety, time and concept itself. It also determines sender details. Parents may easily spy on text messages directly from dashboard remotely.

Along with this, it is also possible with the assistance of live tracking function to follow the children everywhere.

With all the above situation’s being very common, when the matter is all about your child’s protection, there shouldn’t be any hesitation to choose the initiative to defend them.

Thankfully, the Parental control softwares will be convenient to secure your child and it will allows you to continue to keep an eye on your child’s activities and is most likely the best means of protecting them.

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