A Fast Paced World Runs on Android

Everyone is creating a mobile app for their product or service, and for a good reason. Aside from being super easy to use, apps have been replacing the web on many fronts. For instance, most consumers now prefer browsing offerings on apps rather than heading to the web. In some cases, shoppers go the whole way, from discovery to purchase on apps! It, therefore, makes every sense to have an app for your business.

“But, on which platform?” one would ask. Given that there are several mobile operating systems (OSs) – Apple iOS, windows, android, blackberry, and so on – you might be wondering which platform to choose for your app development.

We say go for android! Here are a couple of reasons why;

1. Android rules the market

A quick check shows that Android owns 84% of the market share with Apple iOS coming at a distant second. If you dig even deeper, you’ll find that the 84% share translates to over 2 billion monthly users. It means that chances are higher that your customers or client base is using Android. You need an android app to reach them.

2. It’s cheaper

Compared to the other platforms, Android is also a lot cheaper. First off, the company provides its Standard Development Kit (SDK) free of charge, so that all costs go towards testing and deployment. Additionally, you are charged a one-time $25 registration fee to have an account on the Google App Store. The Apple iStore, meanwhile, charges $99/year for their SDK and an additional amount for hardware.

3. An easier submission process

Once you have an account on the Google App Store, you can log in and add your products at any time. There are no stringent policies on the type of products you can upload. The Apple iStore, on the other hand, makes app developer’s life very difficult. They have strict submission guidelines that must be fully adhered to. Failure to follow those guidelines often results in rejection.

4. You can reserve an app name well in advance

Perhaps you have an idea for an app but haven’t yet found an android development company to help you actualize that dream. With Android, you can simply head to the Google App Store and publish an android app with the desired java package and save the package name for your app. This is a convenience you can only dream of when developing for the Apple app store.

5. Splendid support for graphics

Finally, of all the mobile app development platforms, Android offers the best graphics. This partly explains why the best mobile games reside in the Google App Store. The platform provides excellent built-in support for building both 2D and 3D graphics apps meaning you don’t have to worry about your games crashing while a customer is playing.

Studies also show that Android apps are highly secure and offer superior integration with both social media and email platforms. You’ll especially enjoy high compatibility with Gmail which is also a product of Google. Simply put, you couldn’t go wrong with android.

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Pushkar Kathayat

Pushkar Kathayat is the Chief Editor of TechGeekers. His passion is towards SEO, Online Marketing and blogging.