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4 Best Android Apps of the Year

The app development world is a tough one, filled to the brim with competing developers all
trying to get their apps out there to the broadest audience possible. While making your own app isn’t a walk in the park, marketing the app and standing out amongst the crowd is where it gets tricky. There are keywords to consider, content creation and SEO strategies to implement. It’s therefore no surprise that the developers that have managed to create not only a worthwhile app but also market themselves effectively rose to the top of the pile. With that in mind, we’ll take a look at some of the best Android apps of 2017.

What the Forecast?!!

What the Forecast?!! is a weather app that doesn’t mince words when telling you how
sunny or miserable it is outside. It’s a confluence of humor and weather predictions, and the most
candid descriptions of what’s actually happening in the stratosphere. The app features over 6,657
funny and sometimes obnoxious phrases to describe with admirable precision the current weather
situation and give you a decent case of the giggles before you’ve even left the bed. If the phrases
contain a little too much blue language, you can also set the amount of profanity you’d like to see
displayed between “On”, “Some” and “Off.”

Google Fit

While there are a lot of fitness apps out there, some are just inherently superior to others. Google
sits at the top end of the spectrum, allowing anyone to track any activity effortlessly. Whether you’re running, walking or cycling, Google Fit will automatically monitor and log your activity for later inspection. It’s a given that the more information you have about fitness, the more motivated you will be to do it. For that reason, the app also allows you to set and reach fitness goals, displaying them in various formats such as the duration spent exercising, the number of steps taken or calories burned during a period of activity. The app also aggregates information from other health apps for one holistic and measurable view of your wellness.


For those who struggle with homework – and in particular math – then Socratic is
one of the best apps around. Socratic allows you to take your homework or math question, upload it
to the app and get instant explanations in the form of graphs, videos and step-by- step help. The app
supports all subjects and uses an AI to instantly determine which concepts you need help with. And
the best thing of all? The aspect that makes this homework-helper one of the best apps of 2017 is
that it’s absolutely free.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Love cats? Adore robots? Ever wish there was some way to combine the two without having to
be a master in robotics? Well CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars has got you covered. The game lets you play as a mean street kitty who has been able to get their paws on some badass machinery. You’re tasked with designing and engineering the biggest, meanest robot around to effectively crush your enemies. The app allows you to join forces with other players, form gangs, and battle rivals in order to win unique parts and climb the nascent rungs of the ladder to participate in the World Championship.

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