How technology has overPOWERED our emotions?

This generation has been full of breathtaking innovations.

Social Media and Overpowered Emotions

One special mention goes to an innovation which has made communication across the globe a lot easy when compared to the generation where one would need to write letters and send it across to communicate a message.

Undoubtedly, social media has changed the way our life has functioned, and this innovation is said to stay here forever!

We might have talked about social media and other communication channel based innovation but one can say that letters played an emotional part on one’s life.

How are you?” and the reply from the other end in digital world will always be : “Fine and you?”, which implies that we can deliver messages from one person to will another in a second but this wasn’t the case when we had only one way to communicate and i.e. letters

One would need to write a letter and get it stamped to communicate a proper message whereas the other party would be waiting in suspense to read the letter; we can also help you with ‘Where to Buy Postage Stamps‘.

In this article, we will talk about how technology has overpowered the world of emotions.

What and how we used to do things five decades ago are not similar anymore, and thorough and regular technical innovations have changed this

And as said above, Social Media has played a massive part in the difference.

Technology Changing The Way We Live Our Life

The Social Media itself is valued as a marketplace worth more than $100 Billion, and six companies in the same field own a majority of the market stake.

Artificial Intelligence

Another innovation called Artificial Intelligence has helped companies make robots who can function similar to human beings but without emotions. This has one way helped people to overcome the problem of sourcing non-critical activities in business and life to them, but the other side of it is seen to overpower emotions for money and luxurious experience.

There is one thing that galore emotion more than other things and that were letters, it didn’t only help us to communicate about a few decades ago but also made us felt about the suspense or surprise of receiving a message from known/unknown person. It was also an icing on the cake for a love story to begin.

Coming back to technological innovation, it is argued as a curse on a human life more than an advantage, but a majority of us may not be able to live without home entertainment, our phones or by not checking our Snapchat’s, Whatsapp and other medium updates.

Such has been the power of technology that has made us dependent on it for 24×7 but we still forget about the letters game we used to play in our childhood or our parents did all their life. Technology has been our array and we should also use it condemn feelings and emotions that were previously stated through letters.

Conclusion –

We have read about how regular technological innovations have overpowered human emotions which lead to people focusing more towards money and luxurious life. If you guys think of any other change that empowered the feelings, please let us know in the comments section.

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