Google Pixel 3, and Pixel 3 XL to feature exciting Display Specs

After the launch of iPhone X, and Galaxy S9 smartphones, other premium smartphone manufacturers including LG, Google, and HTC, have understood the importance of innovative display. And, we are sure in the respected upcoming smartphones of each top brand, we can expect a better display. On the top of the list is Google with forthcoming Google Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3. The last two smartphones from Google were pretty premium but couldn’t stand on the expectations of people.

The display of present generation Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone is just okay, but it will disappoint you if you are looking for something innovative. At the presentation of the device, the company’s representatives proudly announced that the display of the smartphone (Pixel 2 XL) very accurately transmits colors and is able to reproduce 100% of the color space DCI-P3. However, going by reviews, you wouldn’t agree 100%.

The fact is that after smartphones from Samsung, whose displays have very contrasting and saturated colors; the display of the smartphone from Google looks “boring and faceless”. Moreover, when you turn your smartphone aside, colors are inverted beyond recognition. There are already a lot of photos and videos on the web, where it is clearly visible that matrices of different quality are installed in smartphones. And this is in smartphones, the average price of which is $ 750? Google, are you serious? Although, we believe that in the next Google Pixel 3 smartphone, the search giant will quietly fix everything,

The resolution of the Pixel 2 XL display is 2880 × 1440 pixels. Because of this high-end resolution, in some situations, the display looks completely different from the flagship model. For example, with a scroll on a white background, a certain “jelly” effect appears. But, fortunately, you still get used to it and do not see the difference between Pixel 2 Xl and your previous smartphone. Moreover, you even begin to see the advantages of this display. So, the level of maximum brightness is higher than Google Pixel 2016 smartphone. No doubt, over time we are witnessing the improvements, but at the same time we want to say, these improvements are not enough. Having said that, the future belongs to innovations, and if you are not ready to experiment with something unusual, then, unfortunately, you will lag behind the market. So, Google should seriously consider it, and next Pixel 3 XL should be full filled.

What is most amusing is the fact that the display of Google Pixel 2, which has a lower resolution (1920 × 1080) and, as it is a “normal” AMOLED, actually looks much better. Completely missing the effect mentioned above of “jelly” and when deviating from the axis, the colors on display are practically not inverted. However, we cannot say that the same effect of “jelly” is very noticeable on Pixel 2 Xl. You cannot see it at all. But it is worth noting that the higher price for Pixel 2 Xl does not mean that it has a better quality display. These small issues should be rectified with Google Pixel 3 smartphone range, and yes these issues are easy to resolve as well.

Per the information circulating in the news, and rumors, the Google Pixel 3, and Pixel 3 XL will feature very interesting display specifications, that includes of the innovative display, and may be an infinity display this time. And, with regard to resolution, it will make very difficult to say at the moment. Google may choose 2K-resolution display in the smaller version of the phone (Pixel 3) as well.


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