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Best Prank Apps for Android

It’s well known that pranking your friends can lead to funny reactions and memories that you can share for a long time. But pulling off a quality prank isn’t always easy.

Situations where the prank can take hours to set up but have no result occur more times than not. For example, you take the time to fill your friend’s car with balloons, but it turns out he got a ride from someone else, and they are all deflated in the morning.

Well, wasted time pranks a think of the past. Thanks to new technology, pranks are as smooth as ever.

Android brings some of the best, funniest prank apps on the market, so you don’t have to hassle with jokes that may or may not work anymore.

End of the World Prank App

The end of the world prank app creates a scenario in your friends’ heads that have them believing that the world is going to end. This app is excellent for gullible friends that believe almost anything you tell them.

It can make sounds, fake news articles, and pretty much anything you can think of which creates a believable, yet bogus theory on how the world is going to end.

Jump Scare

This app is for those friends who are always trying to find the hottest new phone game. You know the one who always brags about his high score and how it’s so much better than yours.

An easy way to get him back for his arrogance is the jump scare app. There are many different variations of this app, but they all serve the same purpose. You tell your friend that this is the new hot game that you are playing and get him to try and beat your “high score.”

When your friend does this, he will get a brief playing period, just enough to get him focused and distracted, and then a flashy scary image will pop up and make him look silly.

The best part of it all is that the phone camera on your phone records him the entire time, so you get is a ridiculous reaction on film.

Cracked Phone

This prank is for those friends that just cannot keep their phones out of their hands. Even at the most inconvenient times, this friend has to either make a phone call or shoot somebody a text.

A great way to get back at this friend would be to use the cracked phone app. This app is straightforward; it just displays a picture on the phone of a cracked screen.

The first step in this prank is, you take your friend’s phone and act like you are doing something important. Then, you open the cracked screen app and pretend to drop his phone.

His reaction will be priceless.

This is another app where is records your victim’s response in the midst of the prank, so his face will be forever caught on camera.


A good prank is without a doubt, priceless. Throw in some 21st century technology and your pranks are no longer memories, they are captured on film and video for you to enjoy together for a long time.

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