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Why Pay When You can Use these Photo Editing Apps

Photography has become an individual profession and hobby as well. People love to click moments, places, and things and capture them forever. This is what makes them relive their photos and see whether they lack anything. If they do, you won’t mind giving the pics a touch-up just to make them look more elegant than before.

Editing with photoshop online is not a big deal, but the professional tools charge you for their set of tools, effects, filters, and contrasts. Which can be a bit high for many, who have a wish to carry on with their passion for photography.

Use Free Photo Edit Apps:

We have drawn a list of 5 such apps that can finish the job for you:

  • VSCO Cam
  • Pixlr Express
  • Photopia
  • Online Photoshop Free

These are the best paid and free apps you can use to make color correction, basic photo editing, add color effects, frames, text, etc. Read the following reviews and download the photo editing app you like the most


VSCO initially was a paid app, however, later it turned free. Without any doubts, VSCO is among the top photo editing apps on the Android PlayStore and Apple AppStore. VSCO has a great set of tools, filters, better than most of the photo editing apps. Some filters might be paid for you, while many are free. The free filters are sufficing enough to make your photo editing a great deal.

VSCO might take you time to get adjusted to the interface, but once you come over that, you will be making magic out of nothing.

Pixlr Express:

Pixlr Express is such a feasible photo editing tool that is available on the web as well as the Android and Apple. Available to all, for free and is easy to use. Making things simpler than it has already been recently. Pixlr works so well with the specifics of image correction, with simple tools, and powered enough with the Photoshop-like effects.

This is why it has been such an amazing option for users than the Photoshop online.


Photopea is yet another solution to the photo editing online. Why pay when you have such great resources to get the job done for you that too in a sufficive way. Having compatibility with PSD, XCF and the Sketch formats. You can begin creating new images, or edit your existing pics, giving them a unique and remarkable touch. Making them stand out, like never before.

Visit the website, and the user interface is so easy to use and understand, you will find no worries using it and getting acquainted to the photo editing environment. Consists of wide variety of tools, effects and special filters that make photos unique in a better way.


Well this one is the last editor online, to make our list. Simple and easy to use environment, and a feasible set of tools, to get your job done. Making photo editing easier like never before. OnlinePhotoshopFree is the tool that will satisfy all your editing needs, as it has everything to offer that you might seek in a photo editing tool. Doesn’t that sound so good to hear? The tool is even better than my words in its reference.

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