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Best Android App To Protect Your Privacy

Nowadays, most of people use applications of the Smartphone, while using this protecting your data is more important. In this article, we can see the best applications developed in the Android operating system.

Best Android Apps for Privacy

The best Android application that helps you to protect your data privacy online are listed with their features in detail.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

This application was developed in the year 2008. It can be used to protect your data. The DeleteMe Promo helps you to provide a higher level of security. The various features of this application are

Prevent from getting into the hacker’s network.

Increases encryption.

It allows us to search privately.

It decodes all the privacy policy.

Signal Private Messenger

This application can be used in the open platform. The features of this application are listed below.

It provides a higher level of end to end encryption for protecting the data.

It does not require any logins, PINs, or passwords to access or manage the application.

The speed of messaging is fast.

No extra charges are charged while using it with the deleteme promo.

Proton Mail

It is known as an open source encrypted application which was developed by the famous scientists in the CERN Institute. The important characteristics of this app are listed below.

The end to end encryption technology is enabled in this app.

The encryption process is automatic in this app and it is not accessible to the user.

The messages are stored in an encrypted format.

The encryption service is monitored by the security experts at any time.

Express VPN

This app is suitable for users who need complete protection of data while using an online app. The cost of the VPN varies with respect to the security level. Using deleteme promo code can help you to provide high-level security to the data. The important characteristics of this application are.

They provide access to select from 100s of VPN location.

It provides around the clock protection during live chat and email.

It has inbuilt with a strict privacy policy.

It is compatible with all the data networks such as 3G, Wi-Fi, 4G, or more.

The encryption is provided with the protocols such as UDP and TCP protocols.


This is the best application for the person who needs to keep the data’s in your phone completely out of the public networks. The various characteristics of this application are listed below.

It prevents the protection of the text from MMS and text messages.

Through this local numbers can be selected within 60 countries.

It allows you to access your accounts through any devices.

It allows you to make free international calls.

Private messaging is fully encrypted with this application.

Red Phone

This is a free application that helps to make you private calls safe and secure in such a way that no one will listen to it. The features of this app are.

It is user friendly app.

It uses only the standard phone number to make calls, hence is no possibility of hacking.

Crypt4All Lite

This is considered to be the free file encryption application. It is developed by the codewell4 for keeping the data more secure. The features are.

It is used to encrypt and decrypt the files.

Nobody can access the information except the owner of the phone.

Among more number of Android security applications, the apps listed above provide a high level of data privacy.

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