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6 Facility Management Ideas for Safety and Maintenance

If a facility’s primary priority is safety, it may be evident right away in the facility’s productivity.

There are fewer workplace accidents and higher productivity rates in safe workplaces.

The resulting additional cost is avoided when all assets and processes are set up to operate in accordance with all needed regulations and operators know how to deal with any safety hazards, worker accidents, and illnesses.

CMMS Can Assist With Facility Security Inspections

Standardizing all processes and procedures in your next-generation maintenance management software is the best method to develop an effective health and safety program. Because each facility has unique requirements, make sure you have a flexible computerized maintenance management system that can capture, store, and manage critical data at any time and from any location.

CloudApper Facilities was created to adapt to the demands of every industry. The solution includes all of the necessary capabilities to help you safeguard your facility and foster a safety culture among all users.

Safety Can Be Improved With Maintenance Management Software

1. Make and keep safety checklists up to date

For safe operations, it is critical to ensure that all assets are in good operating order. Safety checklists can be immediately incorporated in facility management software, followed, and updated as needed with every scheduled or unscheduled maintenance intervention. Following the stated safety guidelines can help ensure operator safety.

All risky components encountered during an intervention, such as worn loose bolts, inappropriate pressure, defective wiring, and so on, should be recorded and made accessible to the rest of the team.

Because a piece of equipment that functioned great yesterday might not work today, it should be categorized and key components should be verified through safety checklists on a daily basis.

2. Keep track of where your assets are

All facility plans and maps should be uploaded to your facility management software, securely stored, and consulted whenever an asset needs to be removed, replaced, or transferred. The danger of accidents and injuries is greatly reduced when equipment replacement is carefully planned.

3. Educate employees on the importance of personal safety

CloudApper Facilities can be used as a primary instrument for establishing and spreading a safety culture throughout the facility. Technicians in the field can submit and share safety photos, films, and instructions. Safety training and drills can be scheduled and organized using the platform.

You can also link your machines directly to the maintenance management software, receive crucial warnings, and schedule maintenance accordingly. To follow up on the establishment of the safety routines, reminders, posters, and alarms can be set up.

4. Keep chemicals and other hazardous substances under control

You can control the flow of hazardous substances within the facility with facility management software. Every stage of the process, from purchase to use and disposal, can be crucial, and everyone engaged should be properly trained and licensed.

In the facility management software, a list of all personnel permitted to execute a specific critical activity can be stored and updated on a regular basis.

5. Keep track of each employee’s training and certifications

The HR manager has responsibility over personal employee safety records, which can be utilized to comply with occupational health and safety legislation and standards.

This also allows maintenance managers to collaborate closely with HR to determine what skills the team already has and what skills it needs to learn.

6. Comply with all required safety and compliance regulations

Every facility is required to adhere to the industry’s compliance criteria and/or regulations. In order to develop an all-around maintenance program, CloudApper Facilities will coordinate and streamline all of your maintenance interventions.

Our App Can Be Customized to Meet the Specific Needs of Any Facility

CloudApper Facilities, being a modern facility management software, is extremely configurable to meet the needs of every business. The program is automatically updated, and our staff is constantly ready to add new features as needed. When compared to competing alternatives, the product’s cost-efficiency and user-friendliness are two of its most significant advantages.

CloudApper Facilities will assist you in developing and implementing rules for addressing training, personal protection, and equipment design in order to create and promote a culture of safety. As a result, CloudApper Facilities is a highly valuable tool for any organization that requires maintenance and safety.

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