Welltory review: An intelligent invention to check your Blood Pressure, HRV, Health 1

Welltory review: An intelligent invention to check your Blood Pressure, HRV, Health

If you have a smartphone and you want to check your blood pressure, the most probable thing you would do is dial the number of a nearby health center to get the job done.

A smartphone can do a lot more than you can imagine, rather than dialing numbers, browsing the internet, taking photographs, and keeping you connected with your friends on social media.

Checking blood pressure is one of them.

Am I joking?

No! I’m not. The only imaginable way to check your blood pressure would be pairing it to a smartwatch or a fitness band that communicates biological data of your body to the app.

What if I tell you that you can still check your blood pressure and heart rate variability without a smartwatch or a fitness band? 

Yes! There is an app that we bumped on to earlier this week, called Welltory. It is an all-in-one health and fitness app that tracks blood pressure, heart rate variability, energy, and stress levels through artificial intelligent reports for further analysis and care.

What is Welltory?

It is no magic wand. It’s a health app developed by a team of Welltory Inc, the visionary developers from Redwood City, California.

The group aims to bring groundbreaking science and technology to normal human beings for tracking their health without needing the extra hardware equipment than a smartphone.

As the entire world is equipped with smartphones for individuals, a simple camera and flash technology are enough to measure the body most vital signals.

It is enticing the tech enthusiasts and sounds promisingly applicable to the regular user in this pandemic situation.

Features of Welltory app

Deep heart monitoring:

In-depth heart monitoring is the way of measuring the heart rate for calculating the energy and stress levels.

The parameters like the total number of beats calculated per minute and the frequency level in the estimated time are calculated to give you a detailed report in graphical form for better understanding.

This sort of measuring is usually done for athletes by doctors to keep track of their performances on the ground.

The energy and stress levels are calculating through the high and low-frequency values thus read. The high frequency indicates the stress levels, and the low frequencies imply weakness. This app is built of pretty basic common knowledge that we miss noticing in everyday life.

Blood pressure tracking:

Measuring the blood pressure few times a day is a must-do thing for people not having it under control and for people who are health conscious. Sportspersons, patients under home observation, and anyone concerned for their health can now keep track of their blood pressure.

This app reads the blood pressure and checks the score against five indices as per the latest clinical guidelines. It also notes down the systolic and diastolic frequency count without a need for specific medical equipment.

Welltory review: An intelligent invention to check your Blood Pressure, HRV, Health 2

P.S. Welltory is not an alternative for emergencies needing a medic’s attention. Remember that it’s an innovative technology that uses existing sensors on the phone to read the biometrics.

All fitness data in one app:

When we speak about health, fitness takes its place in it. You don’t need to restart your fitness journey with new records or use a different app that you have been using already.

Welltory is compatible with 120+ apps and gadgets, allowing the data to import to it.

You can connect Apple Watch, Google Fit, Samsung Health, Xiaomi Fitness band, Omron, Fitbit, Garmin, and more to transfer your legacy data into this app.

The imported data is analyzed and stored against the daily heart rate and blood pressure readings it records. The artificial intelligence algorithm understands your metabolism and suggests you take actions accordingly.

It shows your workout progress and recovery data regarding daily calories, workout intensity, and mood. It shows which type of workouts affect your mindset so that you will help you keep a check on your mood.

Sleep tracker:

Welltory app tracks the quality of your sleep. It analyses your blood pressure, heart rate variance, and workout progress and suggests tips to sleep better. The users of this app are proven to be having 25 minutes more quality sleep while using this app.

Work-life balance daily summary:

Work-life balance is what everyone craves. This app gives you a daily summary of your workout and sit-ins at work.

It shows you how many steps you have taken and your heart rate while doing a particular action in a personalized summary.

In short, the quality of your healthy lifestyle is coarse as a summary each day so that you can make any differences in it before a few practices become a habit.

How it works?

Welltory app works with existing sensors on the phone. It doesn’t need any special biological data reading sensors to capture the data. Any smartphone with a camera and a flash is enough to take the readings.

If you ever had played with torchlight, you will find this app reminiscing on your childhood memories. What color your hand will appear in when you put it on the torch?

Did you say ‘Red’? There you go.

Step 1: Cover the back camera and flash with the same finger, and tap on the ‘start’ button on the screen. Do not move the finger until the process goes to 100%.

Step 2: The flashlights up the blood flow in the finger vessels, and the camera captures the frequency.

Step 3: The frequency is analyzed up to 100 beats for better sampling. It displays the consistency of the frequency, stress levels, and energy surplus in the body.

Instructions to remember:

1. Do not change the position of the finger while taking the reading.

2. Always use the same finger and put it in the same positions for better accuracy of the average suggestions given by A.I. algorithms.

3. If you are using Samsung Note 4, Note 5, Note 6, and Note 6 Edge use camera and flash instead of depending on the dedicated sensors.


I’ve seen many fitness trackers and health apps. Welltory, with its innovative technology, seemed interesting to me.

I have been using it myself for a week, and it’s impressive.

The only complaint I had is when I cannot use it on my multi-camera android phone.

The modules are bigger, and it’s quite challenging to reach out to flash and primary camera with one finger.

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