Five Ways To Become a Paid Expert 1

Five Ways To Become a Paid Expert

Making money online has become a lot easier since freelancer sites have become accessible to anyone with a skill.

There are a lot of people who have so much skill to offer but no platform to share these skills. Most times you spend your time creating awesome graphic designs or writing articles and then leaving them on your laptop or phones because there’s no one to share them with. There are also people who would like a more convenient way to make some extra income online but are yet to find the platform.

Five Quid Expert is an online platform which provides freelancer jobs to people with skills. If you are into graphics & designs, digital marketing, programming & IT, video & audio, marketing, business, writing & translation, lifestyle, blogging and so many more, Five Quid Expert, is the platform for you. Five Quid provides you with the opportunity to turn your skills or hobbies into a good source of income. If you are familiar with sites like Fiverr, then you can understand how Five Quid Expert works.

Who Can Become a Freelancer

Anyone with the internet and a mobile device can use a micro job and freelancer platform. As long as you have a skill or an experience on one of the freelancer offering services, you can open an account. If you love to write novels, articles, draw, translate, market and so on, you no longer have to keep those skills wrapped up any longer. Open up a Five Quid Expert account and start making some money off your skills.

5 ways to become an awesome freelancer

As a creative who wants to make some money at your convenience, Five Quid Expert provides you with the perfect opportunity. For freelancer jobs, all you have to do is:

Post your services

After you’ve decided on what services you are providing, post a service offer. Ensure that this service is clear and specific on the exact service you will be provided so as not to confuse the buyers.

Respond quickly

When buyers request for your services, ensure you respond to them promptly and politely.

Communicate properly

Always communicate properly with your customers to know exactly what they want. If there is any confusion, ensure the communication is good enough to sort out the issue.

Complete the job

Do your best to over-deliver beyond the expectations of your client

Build a good reputation

In order to attract more customers in the future and retain a working relationship with a present customer, a good reputation is important. Ensure you deliver exactly what your customers requested and also on time. Pleased customers will patronize you again and recommend your services to their friends.

Benefits of becoming a Freelancer

There is so much to benefit from becoming an online freelancer. These benefits include

Freelance platform:

If you’ve been searching for an opportunity to share your skills or if you’ve been looking for a way to make an extra income. Micro Job Platforms offers you an online platform to make money with your skills, services, and hobbies. It also gives you a platform to learn better ways to improve your skills by working frequently in your field.


You can start a freelancer job on Micro Job Platforms at any place and time. You don’t have to put on a suit to go to an office at 6 am every morning to earn money off. All you need is a mobile device, internet, and electricity. It is an easy and fast way to make money. Five Quid Expert is also a user-friendly platform hence working on the application is very convenient.

Price range:

When you create your offer as a seller, you can fix the price you want from a buyer for the services you are offering. It’s only left to the buyer to decide if they want to purchase your offer for that price.

Long-term customers:

You can get long-term freelancer jobs. For example, you are a writer and the owner of a blog hires you to write for them. Blogs need constant write-ups for posting. If you impress the buyer the first time, they might permanently make you their go-to writer. Meaning even on days when you’re not getting new customers, you already have a fixed customer to work for.

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