BlackSys-CH-100B full buyer guide

BlackSys CH-100B is an exceptionally wonderful dashboard cam which allows you to capture everything in HD from both fronts as well as the rear of your vehicle. It is your best buddy when you want to travel long distance on road, it will capture everything and also ensures safe parking every time. It is possible due to the dash cam front and rear.

BlackSys CH-100B comes with excellent features at an affordable cost to ensure complete road safety. The videos are recorded in high definition and can be given as an evidence during police investigation or an accident.

BlackSys CH-100B is a wonderfully designed dashboard camera which has 1080 pixel full HD front camera and the rear dash cam has a Pro Wide Angle Dashboard Recorder which ensures safe parking every time. BlackSys CH-100B is an highy effect dual channel dashboard recorder. It has 2 powerful high definition camera with wide angles to capture everything on road.

1. High-Quality Lens

Every pack of BlackSys CH-100B has 2 cameras the front camera has a total resolution of 1080 pixel HD front lens and the rear lens has a total of 720 pixel HD lens. One camera can be mounted on the front dashboard and the other one on the rear of your car, jeep, van etc. both the camera has exceptionally wide angle lenses which can capture up to 135-degrees at the front and the rear can cover a wide angle of 130 degrees.

2. Secure Camera Placement Option

BlackSys CH-100B comes with a powerful adhesive mount which securely places the camera and prevents from falling down. It can be easily placed and you can also reposition the camera as per your choice.

3. 16GB microSD card

Every pack of BlackSys CH-100B comes with a 16GB microSD card which can be extended to 128GB. Additionally, the front and rear dash cams can be connected to the cable and can be charged using car changes. Apart from that, it comes with Wi-Fi dongle and a user manual. you can follow the user manual and fix the dash cam yourself easily.

4. Works effectively in high temperature

the BlackSys CH-100B comes with a powerful withstand of extreme temperatures. During hot climate, the temperature inside the vehicle can reach as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This dashboard cam withstand a soring high temperature up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. It also works seamlessly with low-temperature up to -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. G- Sensor

The BlackSys CH-100B comes with great features like G sensor and true parking mode. It records everything on the camera when a sudden collision or accident happens. The camera gets started automatically. The feature of true parking mode helps to save energy and creates space on the microSD card.

6. Recording can be done up to 24 hours

The BlackSys CH-100B can record the entire day event without overwriting your video if you upgrade your dash cam to 128GB microSD card.

7. Wifi connectivity

The BlackSys CH-100B dash cam allows you to transfer all your video files to your laptop, mobile phone or tablet with the help of free Android or iPhone application.


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