How Ubuntu Laptops Are Different From Windows Laptops?

Hello guys, in this article I will talk about how Ubuntu laptops are different and better from windows laptop. This data will help you to buy new laptops. You can find which operating system fulfills your work requirements.

How Ubuntu Laptops Are Different From Windows Laptops? 1

Ubuntu Laptops and Windows Laptops

1) Drivers

As we know the installation of Drivers in Windows is a big problem once you freshly installed the Windows operating system. But Ubuntu has in-built Drivers and are installed automatically once you have installed the Ubuntu successfully. Also check out Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver Features. Drivers like audio, USB, Wi-Fi, Internet Card are downloaded manually in Windows.

2) Requirements

Windows latest versions like Windows 7 needs a minimum of 1500 Mhz processor with 1GB of RAM while Ubuntu requires a 700 Mhz processor with 438MB RAM.

And boot time or installation time of Ubuntu with respect to Windows is less. Ubuntu works awesome even in 10 years old computers or laptops. You can read more here for more details about it.

3) Security

Windows is most preferred for its security service form Windows 95 to 10. But Ubuntu provides you the best security these days. Ubuntu has proved that they provide the best protection, however Ubuntu provides you the default security.

4) Viruses and Malware

As you know viruses or other malware are the most common problem in Windows operating system. And to treat it we need buy expensive Antivirus which is not possible.  Also check out Grageband for pc. But in other hands Ubuntu provides you the best protection from viruses, Ubuntu has a bit less virus in it considerably it makes sure your P.C won’t get infected by the virus. But i think there is still needed of some Antivirus software’s as it can’t protect your P.C from getting hacked but an Antivirus can do it. So i recommend you to install the Antivirus.

Overall Security: overall i assure you that Ubuntu provides you the best security than Windows.

5) Software availability

As Ubuntu has less market so more likely it has no availability of popular software. Here comes the major problem as peoples won’t get there softwares for Ubuntu they are forced to stay with Windows. But Ubuntu is now trying to get popular softwares ported to Ubuntu. However, some popular softwares like Adobe suite, Dreamweaver, Photoshop are not available on Ubuntu, due to which, thousands of web developers and designers choose Windows over Ubuntu.

6) Gaming option

As Ubuntu is not made for gaming but still it has many games but it cannot beat the Windows when it comes to gaming. Games which are of high graphics and area consumers are built for Windows only as it is best suited. So i recommend the gamers the Windows is best for them.

7) Costs

Windows systems ranges from(Rs. 5,000 to Rs.50,000) depending on the version you want to buy.

But Ubuntu is fully free of cost, you can download it from their official site.

8) Third party software installation

When it comes to installation of software, it has not more than 2 steps required. But in Windows while installation of a third party software it has some problem of its own like: it says(you have no Internet connection) or(trouble in installation). And is very complicated to install them and one problem with Ubuntu is with Internet connection which every user face.

9) Video/audio

When it comes to media Windows has a default Windows media player which allows you to play your tracks. But it doesn’t allow you the codecs as now days videos required codecs to play them. But Ubuntu allow you to download the codecs easily in its default media player(Movie player). But the most preferred is VLC media player.

With it provides you that:

The user who use some primary work software like (email, Gmail, presentations or spread-sheets, movies and web browsing i would definitely say Ubuntu is made for them. And the user who works as designers, developers Windows is best suited to them.

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