How Cloud Computing Training Benefits Your Career? 1

How Cloud Computing Training Benefits Your Career?

If you have been working in a technical environment and want to switch to a different job that offers a multitude of job opportunities, then cloud computing is the perfect field for you.

The market of cloud computing is booming and is in dire need of experts in the field. As more and more companies continue to opt for cloud services, there is an increase in cloud service providers and a decrease in in-house IT facilities. Getting cloud computing training can be the key to entering the field of cloud computing.

Because of the popularity of cloud computing, the competition in the field has increased as well. This means that you need a sure-shot way of demonstrating your knowledge and expertise to potential employers. Having a certification will help you showcasing your cloud skills. Here are some other reasons why getting cloud computing training can benefit your career.

Statistics show that cloud computing has great potential

According to research done by 451 Research‘s Voice of the Enterprise (VotE): Digital Pulse, Budgets & Outlook 2019, about 62% of enterprises are currently implementing a hybrid IT strategy. Another research conducted by ReportLinker states that by 2023, the global market of cloud computing is expected to grow to 832.1 billion. The top public cloud providers – Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, contribute to about half of the global cloud market.

This data shows that the field of cloud computing is still growing and won’t slow down anytime shortly. So,if you are looking for something that will see constant growth in the future, cloud computing training is the perfect investment for you.

Make your resume stand apart

Whatever job you apply for will have hundreds of other job applicants who have the same qualifications as you. So, you need to give the recruiters a reason to hire you instead of them. This is where cloud computing training can help you. You can talk about your experience during the interview and make yourself stand apart from other applicants.

Also, the certification helps the interviewer know that you are not only familiar with the cloud services and have experience working with them, but you are also determined and committed to the field. If you have the training, the chances of you getting hired will significantly increase.

Get a higher salary

Higher-income is one of the main reasons why people choose cloud computing as a career.

According to Glassdoor India, the average income of a cloud engineer is 5.2 LPA which can get as high as 13 LPA. In addition, Forbes listed Google Cloud Certified Cloud Architect as the highest paying certification of 2020 with an average annual income of USD 175,000. Another high-income certification is the AWS Solutions Architect Certificate which can get you an annual income of USD 149,000.

Income is one of the major reasons to take up cloud computing training, but it doesn’t end here. There are so many more reasons.

If you are already working, getting training will show your commitment to the job and even lead to a hike in your pay.

On the other hand, if you are searching for a job, the training will help the interviewer learn about your skills. Either way, cloud computing certification will surely open a lot of doors for you.

Showcase your expertise

If you are an IT professional who wants to work in cloud computing, having a certification that displays your expertise will improve your chances of getting hired. Your training will directly convey your skills to the interviewer. For instance, if you have an Azure certification, the interviewer will know that you have an in-depth understanding of the Azure cloud services. The same goes for AWS or GCP certificates. There are a lot of companies that offer incentives to the employees who undergo training and acquire certification.

Display your commitment

If you are working as an IT or cloud professional, getting training will showcase your commitment to your job. If you are a developer or an engineer, you can easily shift to the cloud computing field with the training. Finally, if you are working in cloud computing, you can use this training as a stepping stone to a new promotion. You can add your resume properly to improve your chances.

Cloud computing training is a way to show your employees that you are trained and are confident in your abilities. In addition, it will help you work on several company projects as cloud computing isn’t limited to a certain type of project. Also, if you are planning to find a job overseas, getting cloud computing training will make it easier for you to apply as these are globally recognized.

Access to a lot of opportunities

You need to acquire a lucrative job to get a high income. But with cloud computing, you might wonder if there are enough jobs. Once you get the training, will you have the opportunity to work in the domain you want to? The answer is yes. If you look at the job postings for the role of Cloud Engineer, you will find that there are more than 4000+ jobs in India alone. In the Indeed United States portal, there are more than 42,500 job postings. Other job portals have many cloud computing jobs as well. So, if you get the training and acquire the skills needed to become a cloud computing expert, there will be no shortage of jobs for you.

To finish your training and get the certification, you will have to study the course and learn about cloud computing services. This will help you stay concentrated and focused for a long time. You will be required to clear an exam or finish a project, both of which require you to thoroughly learn the concepts.

Clearing the certification won’t be easy. You will have to take up training from professionals who can help you understand the services in a short duration.

Also, most cloud computing training involves you working on different projects that you can add to your resume and enhance your candidature. So, sign up for cloud computing training and take the first step towards a better career.

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