Everything a Parent Needs to Know About SNAPCHAT 1

Everything a Parent Needs to Know About SNAPCHAT

The social networking apps are ruling worldwide these days and the Snapchat is one of those apps that are popular among kids and teens. It is also known as “disappearing” social messaging app. A user can set photos and videos along with the short text messages and it can be viewed for the limited period of time.

Everything a Parent Needs to Know About SNAPCHAT 2

It is fascinating for the young users and spreading in the world like fire and according to the states, it is world number 1 app for teens. It has left other famous social messaging apps behind such as Instagram and Facebook.

States Shows That

Almost 82 million users are using the instant messenger and majority of them are in the age of 13 to 25 years of age. Furthermore, 350 million posts and Snaps have shared in the single day on the social media platform Snapchat. The young teens are most regular users of this particular platform till date. It’s been estimated equal to the Facebook when it comes to sharing photos. It’s been developed a few years ago by the group of students belongs to the Stanford University. Their main target was to accompany the huge range of self-expression and to provide the users exciting and lovely experience. But the safest part of the social media app is very contradictory and people have other opinions.

What really parents need to know about the Snapchat?

The cyber bullying and stalkers are most dangerous predators for teens. On the other hand, few cases have been reported in which father of young teens have made the video of the bully and then confronted with the predator’s father. Out of all incidents, a young boy was found guilty of bullying online. It means how a user can easily store the content on Snapchat and that can be stuck around for long span of time.

Possibilities that can embarrass a user

  • The sexually explicit content of young teens and kids can save if shred once on the social media app.
  • The Snapchat officials admit that almost 25% of the users usually share inappropriate content on the instant messaging app.
  • According to the reports of the Pew Internet and American Life Project, almost 15 percent of the teens admit that they mostly received “sexting” from the people they know in real life or online.
  • However, 47% of users commit that they capture screenshots and 52% says they come to know their fellow users have taken the screenshots of their photos.
  • Furthermore, only 4% admits that they used to of using cameras and phones to capture the Snapchat activities. 10% users said that they do that type of activities to humiliate other users.

Therefore, users have the question about the privacy offered by the Snapchat spy app. There are some people that use some kind of apps that enable them to share images to trace out the hidden photos on the device. Over the years the hackers are active to hack the data of the mighty social messaging apps and then share all of the data to the general public which makes millions of the users embarrassed.

What should parents do after knowing all that?

Obviously, it is the very threatening situation for the parents and they show guide and protect their young ones to avoid free embarrassment. The question arises how they can make arrangements in order to safeguard their kids, tweens, and teen from all the nightmares they are facing from the mighty social networking app Snapchat. They can use the digital techniques to protect teens from the digital dangers in the form of Snapchat. They can use cell phone spy apps to secure teens and stay updated to the activities they perform on the social messaging app. They can do surveillance on social media apps like Snapchat. Phone monitoring software empowers parents to do Live screen recoding of Snapchat to view live activities of teens to the fullest and then guide them what to do and how to do on Snapchat. They can alarm teens by tracking teens by using the IM’s social media tracking of the mobile phone monitoring app and get hands-on shared photos, videos, and text messages.


Snapchat is widespread social media app these days and it has got influence on teen’s mind. The social app contains plenty of loopholes in terms of privacy. So, parents can safeguard teens from the negativities of the messenger through phone monitoring app.

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