5 Benefits of having an in-house web crawler service

A crawler web is an important tool for any website and business. This usually comes from the search engine point of view and using this, search engine crawls your website for the available pages, posts, tags, links etc. and list those in the search engine result page.

5 Benefits of having an in-house web crawler service 1

For all those, who are new to this web crawler, it is just a program which runs in an automated manner to fulfill certain task on your web page. Usually in terms of websites and blog, usually search engine web crawler runs which scans the newly added items on the website or the update happened in the existing items.

If the web crawler is not crawling your website then you will find an issue to get into the search engine. Sometime, usually for new websites, you will find this crawling issue and that time you can manually submit the site to the webmaster.

But with the old sites or sites having some kind of authority, such issue is very rare until the time your site is not penalized. Also, if you are facing any crawling issue, make sure your website .htaccess file is allowing the search engine bot to access and crawl your website.

Further, if you have a good business presence online, you must use these web crawlers to build the analytics on top of it for the best and data-driven decisions.

Here are the 5 professional reasons due to which you should use the web crawler in one and another way.

#1 Accuracy in the result

It is well said that the future of the growth lies in the data and it’s up to you how you are utilizing the data and in what form. If you have in-house web scrapping service then you will get the following handy-

  • Highly refined data
  • Relevant and precise information
  • Either error-free or having minimal error data
  • Ready to consume data in all form

Using this information, finding insights will be lot easy.

#2 Cost Effective Solution

You can easily calculate the ROI on web crawling and scrapping and find how relevant and beneficial it is for your company to have an in-house web crawler. The best thing is, you won’t have to look for the infrastructure cost and the maintenance etc. which will increase the overall ROI for sure.

#3 Complete Flexibility

It is completely flexible in the way that everything starting from data format to data delivery, everything can be customized. As your own team will be creating these web crawlers and so customization will be easy. Also, if some error is coming in between, managing those will be damn easy. As this system will be always on the go and so you can focus on the other stuff.

#4 Value Additions

You can just extend your web crawler to other form and get your work done. You can also integrate these web crawlers to the productivity tools like Drive, S3 to manage and work effectively. Later with those data, you can use any top data visualization tools to report and have a dedicated dashboard for all.

#5 Focus on core business

With web crawling automated you can focus on your core business rather than just gathering the data from different sources. Although some legalities are involved but those can be easily managed.

In a nutshell

These were all about where we are using web crawler and the benefits of having an in-house web crawling team. Web crawling is way more than just web scrapping. If these data will be used in a good manner, you can see some wonder while taking some serious business decisions and increasing ROI.

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