Choosing the Right Tv Size for Your Living Room

Your lounge room might have a beautiful space, but you might eventually be really confused with the correct size for your TV. It might seem like a difficult task unless you understand the math behind it.

But does the size of the TV really matter?

Plainly, it does because a TV that is too small might make your living room look too empty and also buying a TV that is too big might make your living room look loud and it will also take up most of the space in your living room.

Here are a few tips that will help you out in choosing the right TV size and to crunch down the correct numbers.

The Math

Always do the simple math of calculating the distance from your TV stand to your ideal viewing location and divide that by 2. For instance, say if you sit 100 inches away from where you are going to place your TV. Then a 50-inch screen is around the right size for comfortable viewing.

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After the math, if you feel you got much space to move around in your room, then go for a TV that is approximately 10 inches more than the calculated size. That size might be a great potential TV screen size for your lounge.

The Cozy Angle

If you want to wall mount your TV, then try taping out your potential TV’s dimensions.

Leave it there for a few days and see if you are really agreeable with watching it from that specific distance. In the case of an entertainment area, find a cardboard unit that fits your TV’s dimensions rather than a tape.

In a scenario where you will be viewing your TV directly in front of it with your natural eye line at the center of the screen, it is better to sit on your ideal spot and measure out something that perfectly suits your range.

The Resolution Factor

Not just the angle and position, but the resolution of your TV must be taken into care. The only way to avoid an eccentric view of the screen is to opt for a high-resolution TV screen.

If there is a higher screen resolution, then the closer you could pull your couch and watch. This is the primary factor while considering the TV size.

If you are buying an HDTV for your lounge room, then the viewing angle is the most crucial factor to be taken care of. Make sure your screen is aligned parallel with your eye line.

A 15 degree up or down or 40 degrees to the left or right could bring out considerable difficulties with your view.


For a crowded room, at least a 40 inch TV is a must. If your seats are off the side, then buy an OLED TV. Consider going for an LCD TV, if you are concerned about the on-screen glare that you will get when your lights are not in the right place.

Neglect the Myths

It is always safer to buy a TV that is smaller in size because when you buy a TV that seems big for your living room, you might not find a comfortable position to sit and watch from a particular angle.

The problem is you will have to keep moving your head constantly, which will be ok for a few weeks but not for days together.

And all this means BIGGER IS NOT BETTER ALWAYS as it a widespread belief.

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