7 Zero-Investment Hacks To Build An Internet Income

When you start up something as a source of regular income, investment is perhaps the biggest concern.

After all, you may not have thousands of dollars to invest in unlocking lucrative opportunities. The good news is that there is one place where you can start and set up even without any investment and that is the internet.

All you need is a computer with an internet connection and you are good to go.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to start working and earning with the minimal- no office, no resources and right from the comfort of your home! This is exactly what you can do with the internet and some clever thinking. Here are some zero-investment hacks that you can use to build a regular internet income.


If you are blessed with creative writing skills, blogging is perhaps the best way to start. The most amazing part is that setting up a blog takes just a few minutes and you need not have extensive technical skills to create or manage it. Just have good write-ups to post regularly and you can unlock a stream of regular income through Google AdSense.

However, you need to ensure that the content is compelling enough to drive traffic and get the users coming back for more. Besides blogging, you may also try selling content writing services and eBooks to make a hefty income on the internet.

Affiliate marketing

Another smart way to earn online without investment is by becoming an affiliate marketer. All you need to do is recommend the products and services of sellers and brands and you can earn sales commissions. However, you need to run a popular blog or website to be in a position to recommend or endorse stuff. With affiliate marketing, there is some hard work at the initial stages but once you are in a commanding position, you can earn even while you sleep.

Consulting as a freelancer

There are several different ways that you can make money online by selling consulting services, all with zero-investment. Depending on your expertise, the services you sell can range from web design to IT consulting, business consulting, digital marketing, home décor, personal styling, and even counseling. Once you learn how to make money fast using the internet and your skills, you are all set to kick-off. Gradually, you may even start a full-time virtual consulting business.


Even those who do not possess any specialized skills can still earn some extra bucks by filling online surveys. Brands often conduct such surveys to gather customer opinions regarding their products and services and pay people who complete them. Though this method will not create a fortune for you, it still gives you a chance to bring in money without spending much time and effort. Just fill a few surveys every month and you can have some extra pocket money coming in!

Teaching online

Offering teaching services online is another smart way to bring cash in your wallet without investing a single dollar. You just need to have teaching skills and some free time to start coaching students across the globe via Skype or through online teaching platforms. You may even create a teaching course and sell it online if one-to-one coaching is not your cup of tea. While you may have your own website to promote and sell these courses, there are some platforms where you can do it as well.

YouTube videos

Just like ads help you earn through blogs, you can also leverage them by uploading videos on YouTube. Popular channels that regularly post entertaining and interesting videos can make hefty income through this source. If you have a good following on the platform, you may also sell through affiliate marketing. Sponsored videos on YouTube are another way to earn via the promotion of branded products in your videos.

Virtual assistant

Another good, zero-investment opportunity to make money online is by exploring a career as a virtual assistant. It enables you to provide remote services to people looking to assist them and manage the schedules remotely. You need to be good at the job and have some basic technical skills to make a stable monthly income with this job. In fact, some people claim that it is a lucrative and satisfying as a full-time profession.

If you lack money for investment yet want to earn a regular income, the internet has a wealth of opportunities for you. The best part is that you need not be a genius to take advantage of these opportunities; just a specialized skill and some smartness is enough to get you going!

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