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Best Smartphone in Turkey in 2020

For a very cost-effective rate of $250, this 10L model from TCL comprises of mixed reviews.

Yes, there are some compromises available with this model, but those are few.

If you are currently looking for the best smartphone in Turkey for 2020, TCL 10L is one model, which is getting at the top of the chart right now, and for many reasons.

TCL is the Chinese electronic giant, which made its name in the USA through the ROKU TV offerings.

These TVs were known their impressive displays, which punch well above their allotted rates.

But, after trying years of breaking into the smartphone world through some sub-brands like Blackberry, Palm and more, this company came up with the best smartphones using its own brand name.

This 10L is known for its modern design and is targeted as a phone known for its good value for the price.

A good attempt at budget phone:

It is not hard to state that TCL 10L is one major attempt at the budget phone and hit the market on May 19th, 2020. So, it is a relatively new phone, and there are features, which are still to be explored.

Yes, it is true that this phone may not have too many flashy features, but it handles basic tasks admirably and known for its elegant designs.

For the current price of $250, this phone can easily be a good rival to the Moto G Stylus, which costs around $300! But, Motorola is known for its smooth functional phone, which makes it easier to deal with.

But, that is because of Motorola’s decades of experience in the smartphone business.

It is pretty sure that TCL will reach the same destination within a few years.

Perfect modern design despite the price:

Unlike some of the flashy concepts of TCL like a triple-screen folding tablet or slideable phone, this 10L is known to be a traditional example of a smartphone. It will run Android 10, which will soon be upgraded to Android 11. This phone comes with a larger 6.53 inches full HD LCD screen. Furthermore, this phone is known to have a cut out in the upper left corner of the phone, which houses the 106MP selfie camera.

  • The volume and power buttons of this phone will reside on the right side of this plastic-backed smartphone. Then you have a customized smart key, which is located on the left and can be programmed to open preferable apps or to do tasks.
  • You can use the smart key to cover services like the double press to open any app, or a long press to summon Google Assistant.
  • This phone is known for its outstanding Mariana Blue colour, which will add that bit of flash to the entire look of the phone. If you take it out in the sunlight, you will be awestruck with the beauty it holds.
  • Then you have the mono speaker of this phone, which is located on the bottom of the phone to the right of the USB C port. Then you have the top with 3.5mm headphone jack. However, the speaker needs some improvements at higher volumes. So, it is better to always use a headphone for enjoying clarity at its best.
  • You can find that fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone. It makes the phone responsive enough, and the sensor is pretty fast, to say the least.
  • You will also find an FM radio waiting for you to unleash, whenever you are plugging in wired headphones. However, as you can very well understand from the price, this phone won’t have IP rated wireless charging or water resistance features.

The screen value:

As TCL is known for its amazing TV products, you can very well understand that the display on this model, 10L will be a standout in its class. This company clearly states that phones have NXTVision. It is a promising feature that helps in boosting the colours of display and can also convert SDR content into its HDR format. For that, the screen will be combining dedicated display based hardware clip along with some of the positive software tricks up the sleeves.

However, to be honest, this feature won’t add much to the phone.

While streaming videos, the ones in Disney Plus, YouTube or Netflix will end up looking quite oversaturated. You can feel the same with the online matches while playing Call of Duty Mobile. However, this might be some personal preferences. So, the screen value differs in a choice from one person to another.

The phone comes with a pre-applied plastic protector for the screen, on its display.

Even though this protector helps in fighting scratches, taking it off will improve the visibility of the display to a great extent, mainly while you are using this device outdoor. The box comprises of a plastic case, even though it is not of the top-rated quality.

However, the plastic cover will add one nice feel as it helps you to grip the phone well.

Camera works well if you have enough light:

Apart from some of the lag issues, the overall camera functions of TCL 10L are pretty well and can capture some of the amazing photos, mainly while shooting in the day time or in areas with enough light.

Objects and people were sharp, and the colour vividness of the camera will help you to take some perfect shots whenever you feel like.

Even some of the users gladly enjoy the macro lens of the phone for some super close up object shots.

However, the details from the 2MP sensor won’t be that great, to be completely honest. On the other hand, let’s just say that the camera also has a 48MP sensor, but the phone comes up with a set default resolution of 12MP.

A perfect call for its price:

If you check out the price of this phone, it is not hard to state that this TCL 10L is a great choice to consider.

Yes, there are some lags to it, but think about the price you are investing in this phone first!

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