Is Avast Cleanup Premium Worth the Cost?

Avast is a well-known famous company that is known for developing high quality malware removal software. It one of the most used product is “Avast Antivirus” which is one of the most popular used antivirus.

Though some of you may have found it quite simple and similar to other software available in market but still avast has scored good results in independent lab tests and benchmarks.

Its huge software utilities collection exceeds beyond security software and they also provide utility tools that help you clean up a dirty computer, which further helps in optimising the operating system and it generally helps the system to run faster.


Avast Cleanup Premium is a system tune-up suite that helps you in

Comparing among the Antivirus app and the Performance tab, it says Avast Cleanup Premium can fix Junk Files, Redundant Apps, Inefficient System Settings and Obsolete Registry Entries.

Though registry cleaners and tune-up utilities have something of a bad reputation among users.

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We all face problem of adware and phishing emails trying to get us to download such apps and mostly we avoid them like the plague. While there are many fake apps out there, Avast is the real deal. You don’t have to worry about the efficacy of Avast Cleanup since they already have a good trustworthy reputation in the software industry.

Warning: before you make critical system changes. Make sure you backup your system before trying to make any changes! The harsh reality is that even innocuous looking optimization and cleanup software can sometimes cause problems which could have been easily avoided.

Features of Avast Cleanup:

Junk file remover

The first feature that Avast Cleanup uses to optimize your PC, helps you remove old files, empties the recycle bin, orphaned/unnecessary files left behind by uninstalled programs

Remove Old Software Data

A large portion of the cleanup activity is aimed at removing files. Not only will this software remove old data left behind by uninstalled programs, but it will also look for defected and obsolete files that are taking unnecessary space on your hard drive.

Registry cleaner

The Windows registry is a database of system settings used by Windows and any installed programs. As you install and uninstall programs, the registry expands. Uninstallation does not always remove all registry entries which can slow down your computer.

Browser cleaner

It also offers to clean up your entire browser and remove old plugins, deletes cookies and a few other tricks.

Disk cleaner

Avast cleanup also helps cleaning up your hard disk and frees up drive space if you’re running short.

Shortcut cleaner

Removes obsolete shortcuts from your desktop and applications

Optimizes Redundant Entries

Removes registry cleanup utilities. It will search through the various registry collections to look for errors, inconsistencies, corrupt entries, and useless entries.

Remember to Backup

The program puts open apps to sleep to help speed up your computer and prioritize the programs you’re using so that’s why it’s good to backing up your registry before running the software.

Disable Heavy Boot Time Apps

 Finally this software will even help disable applications that slow down your PC during boot time, as a lot of applications that don’t need to be automatically started every time you boot your computer. This feature will help manage those applications.

Avast Cleanup Pricing Information

Avast uses a similar pricing model for most of their digital products. Basically, they offer discounts in two different ways.

  1. If you pay for multiple user and computer licenses together it costs less.
  2. If you select a longer term subscriptions, you’ll save more money.


Now as we know about the software it’s functioning, features provided, price and how it is useful to us a new question occurs to the mind.

Is Avast Cleanup Premium worth it?

Now an important question from the users as they have to pay for this software and money is not something to waste.

We need to judge whether registry cleaners actually deliver any performance benefit or not.

So here is what I found is the best possible judgment, answer to the question.

  1. Well, this may help new comers ”people who believe in trying everything” or if you have not well maintained your PC for years and have been constantly installing and uninstalling apps all that time, you may get an initial performance boost.
  2. Otherwise, if you have decent computer hygiene habits, you are not someone who loves to try all the software stuff you get your hands on and if you have a window 10 on your pc you may not see a boost at all.

It may clean up old files, hard disks, remove old shortcuts and delete your browser junk files but these facilities provided by Avast Cleanup Software are also all things which you can do yourself in Windows ” for free”.

These are quite simple methods and can be in used by anyone easily:

  • Right click on the Windows Task bar, select “Task Manager” and select the startup tab to prioritize programs that start with Windows. This will stop unnecessary application from running at boot time.
  • Open Task Manager, use Services tab in it to Open Services and put programs to sleep.
  • In your browser select Add-ons to disable and remove obsolete browser extensions.
  • Drag and drop a desktop shortcut into the recycle bin, whenever not needed.
  • Right click the start button, select run, type “temp”,”%temp%” press Enter, this will open all the trash and temporary files stored in your system which you can delete and speedup your system.

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