Epson resetter and adjustment Program L120 L220 L360

Epson L120 is a standout amongst the most usually utilized inkjet printers which give you a chance of getting efficient in terms of cost and administrated faster printing .

You can purchase Epson L120 for your home and your office as it gives you the advantage of printing boundless pages through its shading and additionally high contrast cartridges. you can know anything about epson L120 Adjustment Program and Resetter.

If you have any kind of doubt regarding epson adjustment program just follow below given process

In this article, we will be talking about ways to reset your printer and get it working up again as swiftly as possible.

Altering Epson L120 with the assistance of Software

  • Go to your web browser and after that download and introduce the re-setter program on your PC framework.
  • You need to turn on your printer and after that run the Epson re-setter program by clicking on the zip organizer took after by “AdjProg” on your gadget.

When you have done effectively now select the model name of your printer i.e. Epson L120.

  • Now,select the choice of “Specific Adjustment Mode” from the gave rundown and after that click on the alternative of “Maintenance” so that to begin the re-setting program.
  • Another dialog box will open up from where select the alternative of “Waste Ink Pad Counter” and after that press “alright” to affirm it.
  • When you have effectively done it you will see a “Waste Ink Pad Counter” dialog box demonstrating the distinctive alternatives should have been repaired.
  • Click on the alternative of “Principle Pad Counter”. You will see a dialog box of the Main Pad Counter demonstrating two catch alternatives indicating “Check” and “Instatement”.
  • Click on the “Check” choice where you will see that your inkjet printer has crossed the greatest printing limit i.e. 62000.
  • Click on the “Initialize” alternative to reset the number to zero and after that press “alright” to go ahead.
  • Click on the “Finish” alternative which will wrap up the remaining procedure.
  • Shut all the open tabs on Windows and check whether your Epson L120 inkjet printer is appropriately working now or not.

In the event that you have used the above process and still are not able to reset your Epson L120 inkjet printer, please don’t panic for that.

We are here giving you another physical procedure that will doubtlessly help you to reset your printer.

Precautions to be taken care of

  • Before running with this procedure, please guarantee that your printer is in “ON” mode.
  • Turn “OFF” your printer and afterward sit tight for few moments.
  • Presently, press and hold the pink button of your Epson L120 inkjet printer and afterward press the power button on it at the same time.
  • When your Printer will get turned on you will see a flickering green light on it.
  • Sit tight for this light to get stops down squinting. When it’s set, discharge the pink button.
  • You will see relentless or squinting LED light on the pink button. Press and hold the pink button again for quite a while and after that discharge it.
  • See that if this pink light has been quit flickering or not if yes then your printer is balanced appropriately and if not rehash the process a few times more.


Now that you’ve got to know on ‘How To Reset/Adjust a Printer With The Help Of Using The Software ’, it would be advisable for our readers to comment other ways of resetting/adjusting a printer.

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