Leverage your Business with Custom Software Development Services

Having a website with a strong base code is very imperative in todays’ technologically advanced world. Finding top-class Custom software Development Company is a herculean task, as there are multiple companies at every nook and corner.

What exactly is custom software development?

Does it offer solutions that are suitable for company’s actual requirement?

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Custom software development or tailor-made software development literally means that the software is developed specifically for your company or a particular company. There are multiple ways of customizing the software right from using free software’s to making use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software’s.

The first phase may typically involve the various sections of the company like engineering, marketing, general management and much more. Big-size companies utilize custom software for really crucial functions that include content marketing and management, HR management and much more to streamline the functions better.

There are certain free software’s that do not require any licenses and are not costly. However, COTS requires a proper purchase of licenses that will ensure that your business is protected with all security enhanced features during development.

The top 10 companies that are known to deliver bespoke software development solutions fitting your requirements –


A passionate company founded in 2007, Intellectsoft is a global software development company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. With offices in UK, USA, UAE, Norway, Finland and Ukraine, they have created a niche in the market with their high quality services.

The team of Intellectsoft believes in rendering seamless custom software development services with strong focus on Internet of Things, Big Data and Analytics, Mobile App Development, Blockchain, AI, Augmented Reality and much more. They help in delivering customer-centric solutions with a truly personalized approach to every project.


An end-to-end software development company, VironIT was founded by a team of software professionals in 2004. With offices in USA and Belarus, VironIT specializes in e-commerce development, cross-platform mobile app development, iOS app development, android app development, and much more.

The company has over 500 projects for more than 300 prestigious firms in sports, retail, banking and finance, eHealth, etc. to its credit. The company’s clientele includes Fortune 500 companies in North America and Western Europe including Meetiville.com, Thumbtack, JSport.com, the Turkcell and Trelleborg.


A global software development firm, Itransition was formed in 1998 and has a presence in Belarus, USA and UK. The company boasts of high quality development and software consulting services for clients in more than 30 countries.

With a strong team of more than 1200 IT professionals, Itransition is recognized amongst the best outsourcing companies’ in the industry with many accolades to its acknowledgment. The company specializes in software testing, custom software development, support and maintenance, enterprise application management and much more.


A highly skilled team of professionals form the core of Softeq Development Corp., headquartered in Houston, TX. Formed in 1997, the company’s core competencies involve embedded systems, firmware engineering, mobile product development, advanced web solutions, assistive technology solutions and much more.

The company has rendered custom software development solutions to industry biggies like EPSON, Nike, Omron, Disney, AMD, NVIDIA and many more prominent companies. Softeq specializes in web solutions, prototyping, low-level programming, support and reengineering, Middleware, Drivers and much more.


Established in 1997, DataArt caters to complete software solutions from conceptualization to implementation to help clients achieve their business objectives. With a global presence in UK, Switzerland, USA and Muchen, DataArt provides seamless solution designs and technology consulting to varied industries.

The company specializes in healthcare software development, financial services, custom software development, hospitality and travel software development, cloud computing and much more.

180 Creative

Well known for its high quality coding skills and interactive mobile apps, 180creative is your trusted partner in sophisticated software development. A small company founded in 2012, with an extremely talented pool of IT professionals, 180creative has its presence in Poland and USA.

The company specializes in body leasing, custom web and mobile app development, IT outsourcing, with a dedicated team of skilled developers working round the clock to cater to your requirements.


Founded in 2001, HQSoftware is a bespoke software development company located in USA, Estonia and Belarus. This medium-sized organization has core competencies in the field of Augmented Reality, IoT, Banking and Finance, E-learning and video solutions.

The company has more than 400 projects delivered to industry stalwarts such as Skoda, BBC, HTC, World Health Organization, United Nations, Sega and many others, to its credit. Their expertise lies in mobile app development, backend tech stack, software product development, VR and AR app development, prototyping and a plethora of other IT solutions.

3Pillar Global

Addressing the complete software development lifecycles, 3Pillar Global is an innovative company with a presence in India, USA and UK. With a strong clientele from different spectrums of the industry, 3Pillar specializes in disruptive technologies like cloud, mobile and big data to meet industry specific needs.

The firm specializes in cloud development, product strategy and development, SaaS, mobile app development, Testing and QA, amongst others.


A global software development service provider founded in 2000, EffectiveSoft has a strong offshore and onshore presence with headquarters in San Diego, CA. The companies’ core competencies lie in mobile technologies and full cycle software development services.

EffectiveSoft concentrates on customer support services, tailor-made software development solutions, semantic technologies, complex web portals, content development, trading platforms and much more.


A New York based technology consulting and service provider, Fingent was founded in 2003 and has a presence in Dubai, India and New Jersey. They specialize in financial consulting, Healthcare, Medical, Real Estate amongst other industries.

Fingent specializes in enterprise consulting, product development services, cloud technologies, custom software development and much more.


Custom software development proves to be extremely fruitful in the long run, because as your business expands so does the need for improved features and enhanced security. The demand of today’s industry coaxes clients to spend a little more and get tailor-made solutions for their business.

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