6 Digital Signage Trends To Watch Out For In 2021 1

6 Digital Signage Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

The pandemic has led to several changes in technological communications such as developments in digital signage trends and apps. At present, interactive digital signage stands out with its broadcasting appeal and customizability, making it an effective tool to engage customers and advertise businesses via digital screens.

For this reason, industries security, retail, events, education, exhibits, and healthcare have already adopted digital signage technology to engage, promote, and inform.

Digital Signage Advancements

Digital signage will continue to be high in demand, and if you want to incorporate digital signage in your business, it’s best to work with reliable companies like Mandoe Media and others near your area to get the best possible results.

If you’re confused with the different digital signage options available for you, below are some of the trends to watch out for this year:

1. Rise Of Non-Touch Interactive Content

Because of the economic meltdown caused by the pandemic, more businesses strive hard to recover from their big losses. Some people would continue showing unwillingness and discomfort towards touching screens used by others before them, that’s why there’s an increased demand for interactive, personalized, and touchless experiences as customers prefer engaging in a safer form of content in digital signage.

For instance, more people are comfortable with online businesses enabling them to make purchases, view products, submit data or feedback online, and make a signature online for seamless transactions.

2. Ultra-Bright Displays

Digital signage is a highly visual form of communication and marketing, so it’s paramount your on-screen messages or content look good and easy to read.

6 Digital Signage Trends To Watch Out For In 2021 2

Several digital signage users perceived on normal brightness displays, the content looks good in low light. But during the daytime, the screen’s content may disappear easily. It has left users frustrated, looking for screens that’ll keep the content looking good on bright days.

For this reason, one of the digital signage trends you should look forward to is ultra-bright displays. Although they’ve been around for years, the lower prices recently have made them an accessible solution. Such commercial grade screens are engineered with high brightness ratings compared to the typical digital displays.

With these screens, your potential and existing customers won’t have a hard time reading content even in direct sunlight, and it’s expected more ultra-bright screens will be in shop windows to capture consumers’ attention.

3. Automated Content Creation

Automation has been a trend for many years already—from maximizing efficiency in assembly and production lines to automated kiosks and self-checkouts at most grocery stores. It has even made its way into the world of digital advertising and marketing.

Content scheduling has also improved the way to publish or deliver content to a company’s target audience. With this advancement, it’s only a matter of time before companies begin using automated platforms and programs to make high-quality content.

4. Digital Product Catalogs

One of the trends in digital signage you should watch out for is digital cataloging. Retail businesses have been looking for solutions that’ll slow the spread of germs and lessen the contact customers have with products. For instance, in clothing stores, shirt racks might be touched by many customers the whole day.

To lessen the contact, several retailers have displayed a single product on the shopping floor along with sizing. Single products feature codes customers may find and enter on digital product catalogs, then they can add the item to their baskets and have them delivered to their house or collect the products at the counter.

After every use, screens can be wiped easily to eliminate viruses and germs.

5. Digital Access To Physical Displays

Virtual business management practices, remote work, and online purchases are now more popular these days, and the new normal pushed digital marketing industries to make more personalized customer experiences for better customer relationships.

For this reason, digital access to physical displays is becoming a trend when it comes to digital signage, which helps businesses gain traction and make shopping safer.

6. Improved Security And Interactivity

Another digital signage trend you should watch out for this year is enhanced online security and interactivity. This trend requires more stringent security measures that’ll protect your customers and the data they enter on the website.

Customers have to feel secure and safe while browsing through your catalogs or when entering personal information including credit card details, address, and name. Hackers have become adept at stealing identity, so it’s crucial to take necessary precautions to protect your customers and business.


Digital signage can make a difference in marketing your products and services, especially during this year when people are being cautious in purchasing. If you want to consider digital signage for your business and stand out in a highly competitive market, make sure to consider the latest digital signage trends mentioned.

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