How to Signature Online?

Online signatures are significant when it comes to enhancing your flow of work.

We cannot deny the importance of online signatures in today’s world, as they are vital to run business processes smoothly.

Do you need to know how all of this works?

We have gathered some essential facts regarding online signatures and written this article for the sake of your ease, so you don’t have to go anywhere in search of the right answer.

Need to know everything about online signatures and how they can be done?

If yes, then read this article till the end to find out how all of this can be done and what you need to do to make one.

Why Choose CocoSign as an Online Tool for Signature?

The process of online signature gets easy if you know and have some commands over CocoSign, read more about it. Millions of users are currently using this device and trust it for specific reasons that cannot be overlooked.

There are many other apps, and you might probably be thinking about why to choose CocoSign when there are numerous different options to pick from. The answer is quite simple because the app is reliable and gives the best performance.

From its homepage, users can learn so much more in detail, or you can read this article till the end to find out what perks this application has for you to offer. One of the best things about this tool is that it makes your business plans completed with ease.

You don’t have to be worried about anything as the application is easy to utilize. Everything is done via online processing, so you can save yourself from long-run trouble of paperwork that doesn’t seem to end quickly.

This fantastic online electronic signature tool will improve your workflow’s performance and allow you to complete your contracts as soon as possible. With any electronic device, users can sign the agreements and contracts on any smartphone, computer, Mac, or anything else.

You can easily manage and track your documents overflow with the help of CocoSign. Your business partners will automatically receive an alert when they are supposed to sign the papers at their end. Apart from that, everyone involved in the process of documentation will get the complete details of the process after its completion.

You can use any kind of electronic device to sign, save or download the documents with the help of CocoSign. Its cloud storage system allows you to do everything via automatic processing, which is easy for the users to deal with.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are dealing with, CocoSign helps you with all types and areas of business processes. Whether you belong to a big corporation or a smaller one, you can use this app without having any second thoughts.

When it comes to safety, then CocoSign ensures the whole process of signature, the information that is being shared and kept remains safe with layers of protection. There is no breach of privacy under their protection.

Users can also increase the digital signage circle to people outside with those you don’t even have any direct business connection. You can give useful tools to your business partners, sellers, suppliers so they could read and sign the papers.

Another thing that attracts many people about CocoSign is the ease of usage and the work done with convenience. Using this device, you can save precious time and energy that you cannot save if you go the opposite way.

This tool helps people when it comes to doing all the work with simplicity. You only need to make a few clicks and leave the rest of the app’s job to deal with. Within a couple of minutes, you would be able to see your work done most properly.

The documents here are recognized legally because of the state-of-the-art technology. Templates are already available according to the preference and demands of different business needs. It also saves your time and energy and allows you to concentrate more on your work and leave the worries behind.

Many customers have used this electronic business solution, and they enjoyed using it as the professional signing process was great for them. Another thing that cannot be overlooked is the alerts that users receive in real-time.

This feature makes it way too easy to utilize for everyone. Whenever your document is viewed, opened, and signed, you will receive an alert and know about it through notifications. You can also view the status of the workflow whenever you need to.

If you need a cost-effective solution, you will not find anything better than CocoSign. It has different pricing plans that come according to your business needs. After a while, when you think your business requirements have changed, you can move forward to the other method.

Save your precious time and invest it on somewhere else by using CocoSign as it will help you do your work in the most acceptable way, within a couple of minutes as you don’t find any obstacle in completing your professional work with it on time.

How to Create an Electronic Document With the Help of CocoSign?

  • To create a signature online with the help of CocoSign, go on the official website and tap on the option that says, Create a free account. Here in the account dashboard, press the possibility that states Get Started or Sign Yourself, then drag and drop the document to be signed into the Add Documents window. You can also press the option of Upload Document to open your computer’s file browser.
  • CocoSign supports PDF, DOC, XLS, and JPG files so that you can upload files from Google Drive, One Drive, Box or Dropbox, according to your need.

Cocosign Type Singature online

After uploading the document, scroll to the point where you need to make a signature. You might need to choose the correct page in the left pane when you’re prepared, press and drag the Signature field from the Tools section into the required position. Here you will see three choices to create a digital signature:

  1. Type: You can type your initials and surname, then choose an appropriate typeface.
  2. Draw: You can use a stylus to draw your signature.
  3. Upload: You can upload a scan, image, or other saved pictures of your signature.

How to Signature Online? 1

  • In case you think it is significant, include Initials, Date/Time, any other important extra Text (signing notes, for example) and Email or Attachments to the document. After all of that, tap Next to sign the form digitally.

How to Signature Online? 2


The above application is one of the most acceptable options that one can rely on to do online signatures. We hope you will not find anything better than CocoSign if your primary preference is to choose something that gives you the ease of usage and offers the finest pricing plans.

Go for it and do your professional work smoothly and safely without any kind of fear that your data might get leaked, as with CocoSign there is nothing to be feared about. Try out and let us know about your experiences with this excellent software.

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