Call of Duty Cold War Guide: Our Top CoD: Cold War Tips

Nothing beats the satisfaction of winning a game like Call of Duty: Cold War. And just like any game, winning one usually takes a lot of time and practice.

If you’re new to playing Call of Duty, you might feel stressed and overwhelmed by how difficult the game is. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered the most useful and effective cold war cheats by Battlelog for your reference.

In this Call of Duty Cold War guide, we will also provide you with useful tips and tricks to help you succeed. Use both the hacks and tactical tips together, and you’ll be an unstoppable Call of Duty legend.

Call of Duty Cold War Guide Hacks

A lot of people claim to know effective CoD hacks, but none of them are as effective as cold war cheats by Battlelog. With that in mind, here are our top hacks that ensure a win each time you use them.


When you’re a beginner, aiming properly is one of the most stressful things about any game. When you’re not yet familiar with controls, you’re bound to miss shots now and then – and that can ruin your chances of winning. That is especially true if you’re playing a shooting video game like Call of Duty.

Fortunately, the Aimbot hack is here to help. Aimbot is probably the most popular Cold War cheat because it takes the stress out of shooting the enemy. It allows you to aim with sharp accuracy, so you don’t have to worry about another miss.

Aside from making the perfect shot every time, the Battlelog Aimbot also produces greater damage. This feature allows you to defeat the enemy with just a few bullets, so you can’t be bothered with frequent reloads.

Without a doubt, this hack is a beginner’s best friend. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll soon realize that you’ve already developed shooting skills on your own. And that could make you a legend.

Radar Hack

Another popular Call of Duty Cold War hack is the Radar Hack.

One of the challenges of playing Call of Duty is to stay alert at all times – after all, you don’t know when an enemy is nearby, so you always have to be on your toes and ready to shoot.

Fortunately, the Radar Hack will help you locate your enemies within the map. It tells you their exact location and how far they are from you. This not only makes you a great offensive player, but it can also help increase your defenses. And that’s why the Radar Hack is one of our most sought-after hacks.

Wall Hack

If the previous hacks don’t seem to convince you, perhaps the Wall Hack will.

We all know what it’s like to deal with sneaky enemies. They tend to hide in unsuspecting corners or flanks, ready to pounce once you’re within their shooting range. This can be quite annoying, and no amount of virtual shooting skill can easily take down these sneaky shooters.

But with the Wall Hack, you can easily see them from wherever they’re hiding. There is no safe solid surface where they can hide from, so you can avoid them with ease. Or better yet, give them a taste of their own medicine and sneak your way into shooting them – that’s a satisfying way to win.

Call of Duty Cold War Guide Tips and Strategies

Now that you know the best Cold War hacks, here are some other tips and strategies that will surely help you win in Call of Duty: Cold War.

Take Down Scorestreaks

One of the best ways to ensure a win in CoD is to develop an attack strategy. Out of all the strategies we’ve encountered, the one that promises a better chance of winning is taking down Scorestreaks at the onset.

Scorestreaks wreak havoc while leaving massive damage to their enemies. Fortunately, these elements do not reset once destroyed, so getting rid of them at the onset will help protect your whole team throughout the rest of the game.

Thus, always keep an eye out for these elements and take them down as soon as you can.

Quick Reload

When you’re out of ammo, the tendency is to find a safe spot where you can load a new magazine without being fired at.

But, we found out that you’re less vulnerable when you’re reloading. This means that you don’t have to hide anymore if you have to make a reload. This tip is especially helpful if you’re about to shoot an opponent, only to realize that you’re out of ammo. As a result, you can take them down as soon as possible, thereby reducing missed opportunities just because you have to find a safe reloading zone.

Wildcard Mastery

Another useful tip is to be familiar with all the available Wildcards.

In Call of Duty: Cold War, you can use several Wildcards that will help you make the most of your weapon. Knowing what each Wildcard can do improves your tactical strategy, and that can guarantee a win in your team’s favor.

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