Varian Wrynn’s Biography

World of Warcraft Classic is filled with an abundance of lore concerning kings and kingdoms, factions, and great wars of all kinds.

In other words, Azeroth, the fictional world in which most of the WoW Classic story takes place, has seen its fair share of conflict. How does conflict take up so much time in the history of a world, you may wonder?

Well, just like with any war, one side decides to force its rule over another to show power or decides to take over land, and just like that, war announcements arise; everyone who want a piece of the pie join the battle to support their like-minded side. However, the members/citizens of factions and kingdoms do not decide on their own who will become a friend or a foe in a time of war, that belongs to a chief/king, and in most cases, these leaders drag entire populations into necessary or, in most situations, unnecessary bloodshed.

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Varian Wrynn

By now you probably figured out what this article is about from either reading the title or the introduction, and you are correct. In this article we will be talking about Varian Wrynn, a High King of the Alliance as well as a king of Stormwind.
He was born in the Stormwind City, the capital of Stormwind Kingdom, as a son of King Llane Wrynn and Queen Taria Wrynn. He was taught from early age how to ride horses and how to fight properly in order to prepare him for the inheritance of the crown. He experienced a traumatic experience as a child when the Horde killed his father and burned his kingdom to the ground.
At the time, the Horde arrived from the Dark Portal and was set to destroy Azeroth. Stormwind struggled to keep their forces at bay, losing many men in the process. The people and their king were desperate and needed all the help they could get in such difficult times. On their misfortune, Garona Halforcen a ‘half-human’ became a much needed ally but soon showed her true face as she betrayed King Llane by murdering him as instructed by a group of mortal warlocks known as the Shadow Council. Young Varian watched his city and family get defiled by the Horde’s forces and at that day he developed a strong disliking towards the entire orc race. Varian, his mother, Anduin Lothar, the leader of the forces of Stormwind, and the remainder of the survivors fled the city and went to warn the neighboring Kingdom of Lordaeron of the lurking threat. At Lordaeron, young prince Varian was greeted as an equal king and soon after the Council of Seven Nations took place to discuss the Horde threat. That moment marks the beginning of the Alliance of Lordaeron that would defeat the Horde in the Second Great War.

Rise as King

During the Second War, Stormwind was finally retaken and slowly rebuilt thanks to the king of Lordaeron. Unfortunately, the Alliance suffered many casualties during the war, among them Anduin as well. Soon after, Varian Wrynn was crowned as King of Stormwind at the age of eighteen. Varian received the support of the High General Turalyon, former second in command to Lord Anduin, Lord Commander of the Alliance forces and one of the first five paladins. Turalyon wanted to ensure a strong foothold of Varian’s rule by hiring experienced ministers and advisors to aid him.

At a certain point, Varian travelled the kingdom in order to protect his people from the orc raids and to be a part of the restoration of his kingdom. After the successful restoration of the kingdom, Varian settled down with a woman Tiffin Ellerian and got a son Anduin, named after Anduin Lothar. Their marriage was arranged at birth in order to give Tiffin a place in the Stormwind House of Nobles.
An unfortunate fate came knocking on the door of the king and his queen when riots became to spring all over Stormwind. The Stonemasons, responsible for the restoration of Kingdom of Stormwind, demanded payment for their services, but the corrupt House of Nobles refused to pay the workers as they accumulated a huge debt by expanding the kingdom’s military presence in Elwynn and Stranglethron. During the riot a stray stone hit the queen Tiffin in the head, resulting her death. The king fell into depression for a decade but managed to persevere and regain strength to create a better world for his son.


Throughout the Third War, Varian was mourning his late wife, but towards the end he regained strength and decided to travel to Theramore, a capital city of the Kingdom of Dustwallow Marsh, in order to discuss Horde/Alliance relations.

Another unfortunate event occurred on his way there as he got kidnapped by the Defias Brotherhood, an order of bandits that aim to overthrow the Kingdom of Stormwind due to the corrupt nobility and the unjust bloodshed of the oppressed. He was held on the Alcaz Island and separated into two, himself and his duplicate, by Morgala Darksquall. Varian managed to break free and jump into the ocean once nagas and dragonkin fought each other, however he was overpowered by the strong tide which resulted in his death.

During his absence, Stormwind was in shambles and his son, Anduin was crowned king in order to preserve the order within the kingdom.

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