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5 Most Expensive OSRS Items This 2021

As the OSRS world has grown, so too have its trading aspects. It raises a lot of questions as well– like what are some of these most expensive items that you can find in-game for purchase or trade? How much are they worth and how do you get them without using your Old School RuneScape gold?

Some items have certain drop rates, too: if you want it enough, make sure there’s space in your inventory before getting into combat with any monsters! Fortunately, though, all the things on this list come easily accessible by not just spending money; each item found here has its own way to be obtained at no cost.

Most Expensive Items In The Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange is the game’s marketplace, where players can buy and sell items. As of this writing, these are the most expensive items in OSRS:

  1. Twisted Bow – Selling for about 1.08 billion OSRS GP
  2. Elysian Spirit Shield – Selling for about 850 million OSRS GP
  3. Elysian Sigil – Selling for about 835 million OSRS GP
  4. Scythe of Vitur – Selling for about 740 million OSRS GP
  5. 3rd Age Bow – Selling for about 542 million OSRS GP

How To Get These OSRS Items For Free

If you don’t like spending valuable OSRS gold on those items, you can play for them and try your luck in getting them. Instead of spending over 500 million GP on the 3rd Age Bow, you can go on the elite and master Treasure Trails and get it as one of the possible rewards after completing this activity. This OSRS item is worth getting because of its features like having a longbow range along with its short bow-like speed. Just remember that in order for you to use this rare item you must have at least level 65 Ranged.

The Scythe of Vitur is the next most expensive item on this list, but it doesn’t have to cost a whole bunch of gold. You can get the coveted weapon in The Theatre of Blood found under Ver Sinhaza Castle itself. This tool will require level 75 Strength and Attack to wield.

The Elysian Sigil not only costs a lot, but it is also the key component in crafting the Spirit Shield. You can get one by getting lucky and killing the Corporal Beast or spending almost 1 billion OSRS GP. When we say lucky, you have a 1 in 4000 chance of acquiring this OSRS item as a drop by slaying the Corporal Beast at level 21 Wilderness.

The Elysian Spirit Shield is considered to be one of the strongest shields in Runescape, and with good reason. This shield not only has high melee and ranged defense ratings that surpass those offered by Spectra or Arcane Shields, but it also possesses a passive ability that will reduce standard damage more often than most other items do. The hefty price tag for this armor reflects its power well; as you walk around Gielinor’s dangerous lands wearing nothing less than an absolute tank like the Elysian Spirit Shield can make all the difference in any battle situation.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can make your own Elysian Spirit Shield. This will require a Blessed Spirit Shield as well as an Elysian Sigil which is obtained by doing various tasks for people around Gielinor. Once this has been done though, there’s still more work left! You’ll need 90 Prayer or 85 Smithing before being able to wield it properly so don’t forget that when creating this shield on your own.

The Twisted Bow is the most expensive item in Old School RuneScape. It’s also the best bow you can get, and it scales to your target. This means that if an enemy has more life points than others of its kind- say a greater demon for example – then this bow will do more damage to it compared to lower-level creatures.

To avoid spending your hard-earned OSRS gold on the Twisted Bow, you’ll need to complete the Chambers of Xeric located on Mount Quidamortem. The odds are low and it’s going to take a lot out of you but trust me when I say that this bow will be worth every second spent doing this raid.

Final Thoughts

Those five items are the most expensive within OSRS and can be quite difficult to obtain without knowing how. The good news is you are now aware that it’s possible to get them without saving that much OSRS gold in the first place. You just need to have patience since those are rare items and the chances of you getting your hands on them are quite small.

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