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6 Best Healers for 15 Mythic Key

The 15 Mythic keystone raises your abilities and possibilities to the maximum. With every new end of the dungeon chest, you receive superior gear. Many players are ready to do anything to get Mythic 15 carry. While you can easily pay for the boost, there is also an option to raise your positions higher by improving your game. The article reveals the list of most suitable healers for the 15 keystone.

Best of the Best

There are 6 main healing specs in the game, and each of them has its pros and cons.

Shadowlands is a perfect place for healers who know their weaknesses and advanced abilities since this place levels the playing fields.

When choosing the healer, you have to check out all the abilities and pay attention to the downsides you may face. Make sure to be prepared to spend all your free time mastering the skills of your healer.

The list of healers:

  • Holy Paladin S-Tier
  • Restoration Shaman S-Tier
  • Discipline Priest A-Tier
  • Restoration Druid A-Tier
  • Holy Priest B-Tier
  • Mistweaver Monk B-Tier

This is the full rankings of Healers in Mythic+. You don’t have to pick only the highest ranks since each of them provides a player with unique abilities. If you have a team that is already formed, you can choose the most suitable healer for them.

Holy Paladin

This class is famous for the great performance during the late-game-scaling and secondary stats. With better gear and the season rolls on, many players expect this spec to improve. Let’s talk about its pros and cons.


  • Avenging Wrath is the perfect weapon. The damage is increased by 40 percent in case the Paladin is Holy;
  • The immunity is provided by the Divine Shield;
  • As for the cooldowns that might be useful to the team, you have Aura Mastery, Blessing of Protection, and Blessing of Sacrifice;
  • Devotion Aura grants the damage mitigation for the party;
  • This healer is considered to be the most desirable for their damage output, which is better than in any other spec.


  • The main disadvantage of Holy Paladin, for now, is the absence of healing outside the cooldowns. So, you need to prepare everything in advance, especially if you are going to an intense battle with lots of possible incoming damage;
  • Holy Paladin also has low mobility out of the Divine Steed;
  • And since you are a Melee healer, you can make the encounters tougher.

Restoration Shaman

Restoration Shaman has a bad reputation for the underwhelming output in healing and damage. Yet, you may leave it all in the past. Shadowlands improved Shaman’s potential, providing powerful abilities and unique skills that can be used in combat.


  • Chain Lighting is the main damaging ability, which is now improved by 35 percent damage buff;
  • The earthquake has 70 percent damage buff;
  • This Shaman can interrupt via the Wind Shear, unlike any other healer;
  • The character can use Reincarnation for the self resurrection.


  • In the Battle of Azeroth, this character was known for the lack of a strong cooldown for tanks outside Spirit Link Totem. However, in Shadowlands, this situation was significantly improved, though the general problem is still there;
  • Chain Heal and Healing Rain is not valuable enough with the party members spread.

Discipline Priest

This healer is the cooldown-reliant type. Yet, it has a high damage output. It stays proactive, unlike the Holy Priest, and can support the team. Check out its pros and cons.


  • No matter which keystone level you have, this Priest provides you with the best cooldowns for an external party with Power Word: Barrier and Pain Suppression, keeping it perfect against Manifestations of Pride;
  • Great utility toolkit, including Power Infusion, Power Word: Fortitude;
  • The character can negate the Bursting with their Mass Dispel.


  • Not the best healing output in the format of the dungeon;
  • Problems with sustaining high HPS.

Restoration Druid

Restoration Druid is a great choice due to the high healing abilities and DPS. It has unique abilities as the representative of the Druid class. If you want the healer that is a golden middle between the healing and damage, you can pick this one.


  • Rejuvenation’s healing has been recently increased by 12 percent, and Wild Growth by 7 percent, which helps HPS dungeon encounters and Prideful affix;
  • It provides restoration utility with Cyclone, Ursol’s Vortex, Stampeding Roar, and Soothe;
  • It has the shortest external cooldown Ironbark;
  • Restoration Druid is great in sustaining group HPS;
  • It is one of the most mobile druids with the Rebirth ability on the list.


  • This Druid can’t compete in DPS compared to Restoration Shaman or Holy Paladin.

Holy Priest

If you are looking for a high healing output for your team, you can use the Holy Priest. While it is not the strongest fighter, you still can use the Priest in the battle for your advantage. Recently, this spec has received significant improvements.


  • Divine Hymn has been significantly improved, which raised the heavy-HPS fights to overcome;
  • Fae Guardians Night Fae ability has 20-percent damage reduction;
  • Spirit of Redemption is a unique feature of the Holy Priest that cast spells on the death;
  • There are many tools for use in the combat like Mass Dispel, Leap of Faith, Holy Word: Chastise, and Power Infusion;
  • Mind Soothe can significantly help you in the dungeon;
  • The Guardian Spirit helps to heal the team in no time;
  • Holy Priest can negate the Bursting Affix with the Mass Dispel.


  • One of the weakest healers on the list with the less damage output;
  • Holy Priest is not really mobile.

Mistweaver Monk

This is a reliable and solid option for a player who wants to find an alternative to Holy Priest as they have numerous similarities. This spec can be helpful in combat.


  • The highest raw HPS output of all the healers in Shadowlands;
  • Like Holy Priest, this one can negate the Bursting Affi and Revival;
  • A valuable addition to the team with Melee-heavy players who can benefit from the Mystic Touch.


  • There are no external cooldowns.

The Best Healer for You

The choice must depend on the party around you and your goals.

While the most powerful option for many players is Holy Paladin, you might need the Bursting Affix of Mistweaver Monk.

Check all the pros and cons of each healer carefully before you decide to pick one.

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