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Ashe, the Frost Archer

League of Legends is placed in a fantasy world of Runeterra, magic earth, where each faction or kingdom harbors one or more heroes who have magical or special abilities that distinguish them from the rest of the population.

If you are a League of Legends player than you have probably heard of Freljord, a freezing cold and harsh territory situated in the northern parts of Runeterra. Freljord took inspiration from the old Vikings and their culture in terms of cosmetics and way of life. Additionally, Freljord is a home to various tribes/factions however the main three are hosts of a civil war that currently rages across the north. The first tribe honors traditions and is led by Sejuani, the second tribe follows a dream of a united north, led by Ashe and the third and final tribe is led by a sorceress Lissandra who is worshipped due to her magical powers.

This article will be focused on one of the leaders, Ashe, the Frost Archer and her unusual power.

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Ashe was born at the northern parts of Freljord in a tiny Avarosan tribe. She was an only child of Grena, the chieftain of said tribe. The Avarosan are one of the oldest and dominant tribes in Freljord, named after Avarosa, one of the legendary Three Sisters. Ashe was Iceborn, a warrior caste that holds the ancestral connection to the magic of the lands and a rare ability to wield True Ice. Ashe was thought to inherit her mother’s rule however she was never fond of a leadership role. Her warlike lineage and unusual gifts made Ashe burdened and isolated. Her only consolation was an Iceborn girl from a sister tribe Sejuani with whom Ashe would spend summer hunts. Unfortunately, due to actions of their ancestors in the past the two girls had a fallout as they reached their teens.
Ashe’s mother Grena wanted to restore her people’s greatness therefore she began a quest for the ‘Throne of Avarosa’ filled with treasures and magical items. Unfortunately, Grena risked with each step she took resulting in her death during an unnecessary raid. Ashe was left on a run and her tribe wiped out. Soon after, Ashe used the map her mother kept which led her to a deserted glacier and a grave of Avarosa. There Ashe found the bow of True Ice and used it to avenge her mother and her tribe and afterwards traveled west.
On her journey she helped and protected many scattered tribes and gained a reputation of being the legendary Avarosa herself. She would gather the lost members of tribes to create her own new tribe. Unfortunately, their march south starved the tribe and Ashe had to leverage the tales of myths with neighboring tribes in order to form a kingdom. Forming alliances would create enemies; Ashe had to marry one member of the major tribes however this would bring conflict as other tribes would be angered. In order to avoid conflict Ashe turned to and married a vagabond from a wiped out mountain clan, Tryndamere. He was a brutal fighter even for Freljord’s standards therefore most considered him touched by dark magic. Now Ashe is a leader of a largest coalition of Freljordian tribes and aims to bring peace and unity which would only become fragile due to internal intrigues, foreign powers, and the rising strength of the Winter’s Claw horde.


The Iceborn are a rare type of humans who have magical powers which make them more resistant to cold and capable of wielding and manipulating True or Dark Ice. This was the result of Lissandra, the sorceress who wanted to grant powers to her sisters and tribe by participating in an ancient bargain. After losing her sight to Volibear, a demigod, Lissandra walked her dreams and saw the potential in death. She struck a bargain with the god-like entities, Watchers, to grant her tribe near-immortality in exchange for preparing Runeterra for the coming of the Void. Her two sisters, Lissandra, as well as the most powerful followers were named Iceborn, and they would be able to withstand frost to the very end. The Iceborn traits are not exclusive to humans however the majority of Iceborn are humans, additionally Iceborn are more resistant to cold and usually have longer lifespans. The two sisters of Lissandra, Avarosa, Ashe’s ancestor, and Serylda, Sejuani’s ancestor, started the rebellion against the slavery of the Watchers. The furious Watchers showed their true strength and Lissandra has to sacrifice her sisters and allies in order to entomb the Watchers beneath a glacial barrier of magical ice to preserve the world.

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