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The Dwarves

The world of Gielinor is filled with natural beauties encompassing tribes, cities, kingdoms, and other corners of civilization while on the other side it harbors the vilest creatures and monstrosities known to mankind. Many consider Gielinor as a diverse world where many beings of all kinds put in effort to make it their home, sometimes at the expense of other beings. Everything mentioned up to this point is an indirect subject of this article, to be more specific, with this article we will introduce you to a race and its history that is a crossbreed of humans and gnomes, in other words, dwarves. There are many other creatures to talk about, such as different kinds of intelligent or unintelligent humanoids and intelligent non-humanoids, however dwarves are the main subject of this article and therefore will be put on the spotlight.

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The dwarves are one of many races living in Gielinor and are known for their impeccable mining, smithing, and crafting skills. The dwarves are shorter than humans, being slightly above the human-waist height. They are considered to have longer life spans and are short tempered. Additionally, dwarves are fond of ale and often have long beards. Combat-wise, dwarves usually use power-based weapons such as battleaxes, warhammers and crossbows. Dwarven culture consists of feasting, sparring and songs of great deeds long ago. They love gold and are considered as greedy, which is not completely untrue. They are ruled by merchants and bureaucrats and all activities in Keldagrim, their capital, revolve around the acquisition of wealth. Despite respecting the teachings of Guthix, the god of balance, dwarves are not religious and do not worship him in their festivals and rituals. Being master craftsmen and smiths, dwarven technology is very advanced and used to increase their profits. Some notable technological pieces are dwarf multicannons, hand cannons and machinery such as blast furnace, lava flow mine and minecart systems.
Some of the more popular dwarven characters are King Alvis, one of the most significant historical figures, Hreidmar, a vile, Zamorak worshiper and a director of the strongest company in the Dwarven Consortium aimed to overthrow Keldagrim, and Thurgo, one of the last living Imcando dwarves and a master smith.


According to the events in history, dwarves are one of the first races brought to Gielinor by Guthix during the First Age. Dwarves are small, human-like creatures and are considered to be crossbreeds of a human and a gnome. Historians note that dwarves probably lived on the surface as humans in various settlements but were forced to hide underground due to God Wars. The dwarves managed to take control of the situation and created a soon-to-be extremely wealthy city and a capital of the Dwarven realm, Keldagrim, named after the river Kelda, that flows through it. Overtime the dwarves adapted to underground way of life and even managed to take part in a series of conflicts against the trolls called Keldagrim – Troll Country War.
During history dwarves were also able to control and use magic until Zamorak, the god of chaos, power, and destruction, noticed the dwarves’ potential and aimed to use them as his armies. Zamorak unintentionally cursed their magical talent and created chaos dwarves in the process. Chaos dwarves are corrupted and very dangerous dwarves that follow Zamorak instead of Guthix, as other dwarves do, and can be found in the Wilderness. In order to stop the curse, the council of elder magi suppressed all magical powers of the dwarves and caused chaos which they stopped by appointing a king to put an end to the uprising.
Some dwarves diverged from the teachings of Guthix and began worshiping Seradomin, the god of order and wisdom, instead. One such clan is called Imcando and its dwarves resisted the curse because Saradomin protected them. These fought during the God Wars in his name and believed to live in the Ice Mountain until Barbarians nearly wiped all of them, believing that using magic displeases their gods.
At some point in history, the king of the dwarves, King Alvis, created the Consortium, a collection of mining companies. This was intended to aid the king’s rule however upon his death the Consortium managed to take over Keldagrim, due to its enormous power. This took place just 500 years prior to the present date, events of the current RuneScape storyline. After thousands of years dwarves emerged from the safety of their caves and allied with gnomes and humans to take advantage of their mining and smithing industry. Some made permanent residence on the surface while some still remain underground.

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