How Russell Brunson Built a Multi-Million Dollar Software Company? 1

How Russell Brunson Built a Multi-Million Dollar Software Company?

Every entrepreneurial journey starts somewhere. See where Russel Brunson’s journey started and what it has grown into. 

If you are an Internet enthusiast, the chances are that you have come across an ad from Russell Brunson before. Yet, for those of you who don’t know this brilliant self-made millionaire, Russel Brunson is the CEO and co-founder of ClickFunnels. He is also a New York Times Bestselling Author. Plus, Russell is a really legendary marketer.

Today, Russel Brunson is worth millions, a net worth of over $40 million. But, make no mistake, throughout his journey to entrepreneurship, Brunson faced much the same challenges many entrepreneurs face today.

Let’s dig deeper into who Russell Brunson is and how he has managed to build a multi-million dollar software company.

Who is Russell Brunson?

We’ve already told you that Russell Brunson is the CEO of ClickFunnels. Or, you may know him as “that marketing guy” because he has sure built a reputation in this area.

But Russell Brunson is a lot more than this. He had a very inspiring entrepreneurial journey that will help aspiring entrepreneurs understand that passion and willingness to learn are the winning combos for a successful company.

While being a student at Brigham Young University and Boise State University, Russell Brunson launched his first online business. But make no mistake, before becoming an entrepreneur, he was very much like all students having activities like wrestling, collecting junk mail flyers, dating his college-spouse and current wife Colleen, and looking for spare change in his dorm couches.

Yet, what Russell did differently was that he devoted any extra time to studying direct response marketing. Only one year after he graduated, he had already successfully sold over a million dollar’s worth of his own products and services, all from his basement.

Since childhood, the founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, has shown inclination of competitiveness, curiosity, and determination. And all these qualities have helped him achieve the fantastic results we are talking about today. Now, Russell has been starting and scaling businesses online for over 12 years.

In 2014, Russell and his friend Tom launched ClickFunnels, a software company that helps businesses build sales funnel and websites really quickly and easily. ClickFunnels targeted startup and small businesses that needed help to grow and shift their business online. In less than six years, Russell and Tom succeeded to make their company grow from $0 to $360 million without any funding and VC backing.

But how did they do it?

What are Russell and Tom making different than their competitors?

Spoiler alert: they are not selling their products for less money than their competitors. In fact, a ClickFunnels subscription costs $97/ month—a comparatively higher cost than its competitors.

So, what makes them different?

The answer is “their approach to marketing”.

How is Russell Brunson’s software company different?

If you know a thing or two about marketing, the chances are that you’ve seen most other software companies’ dull software ads. They all look similar, and they all bombard us with ads about their product’s features and then re-target with testimonials and ads about their free-trials.

However, today, we are bombarded with millions of ads from various products, all trying to convince us that they are the best and worth our money. Yet, this only made us more skeptical about aggressive marketing tactics.

Yet, now imagine this: what if a good friend of yours would tell you about a product that will solve your issue. Will you but that product? The chances are that you would. But even if you don’t buy it, you’d definitely give it a try if you’re given a free trial. Well, this is how Russel Brunson has made ClickFunnels a multi-million-dollar company with a huge loyal customer base (112,400+ customers).

So, what makes Russell’s company different? 

  • A huge community – Unlike many other software companies’ Facebook community groups, ClickFunnels’ Facebook group isn’t dull and boring and truly provides insights into how Russell’s product works. The group has over 251,000 members who share their results and achievements using ClickFunnels products. You’ll even find some funny memes to laugh at sometimes.

If you have any questions, you’ll definitely find the answer to it on ClickFunnels’ Facebook group. What’s more, when Russell has a new announcement, including releasing a new product or innovative feature, he posts about it in the group.

  • A revolutionary product that people need – the essential thing that made ClickFunnels so successful is the product it sells. ClickFunnels sells its product for $97/ month, and people buy it because it solves their problems easily and rapidly. ClickFunnels doesn’t sell software that has many extra features that no one uses in reality only to look fancy. ClickFunnels sells straightforward, user-friendly software and helps you achieve your business goals even if you’re not a tech-savvy entrepreneur.
  • Content push- Today, content is king in the online. And, Russell Brunson understood this very quickly. He also understood that, to connect with people, you have to come in front of them daily and share your knowledge and skills with them. That’s why Russel is very active in sharing new content with his customers and followers. Every day, he releases new webinars, podcasts, YouTube videos, and he is also very active on Instagram. What’s more, Russell shares all this content for 100% free. When people realize that what he teaches works for real, his customers and followers don’t hesitate to buy his products because they trust them, and especially Russell.
  • Russell’s modest attitude- A business’s owner is the face of the company. The person that customers see and can relate to. And, Russell makes it really easy to like him and his company and to relate with. He doesn’t market himself as a marketing guru. Russell markets himself as someone who created a product that works and truly helped startups, small and large companies achieve their goals.

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