Why Data Backup Is More Important Than Ever?

Data is of paramount importance to the daily operation of any business. With natural disasters on the rise, and cybercriminals finding new intuitive ways to bypass your security and hold company data ransom – the need for a viable data recovery and backup solution is more important than ever.

Businesses – specifically, SMBs (small and midsize businesses) tend to overlook the necessity to backup their data, which oftentimes proves to be a costly mistake.

What if a disaster were to strike in your region?

What is your plan to recover the mountain of company and client sensitive data?

What if a cybercriminal launches a ransomware attack on your business?

Not only is this costly, but it could also lead to an incredible loss of credibility for your business. Here are some reasons that should get you thinking about investing in data backup:

Losing Data Is Ludicrously Easy

The businesses that overlook data recovery – often do so in the belief that the probability of a disaster in the company’s location is statistically impossible. Did you know that the main cause of data loss is a consequence of either human error or hardware malfunctioning? Having a reliable data recovery and backup system in place will help alleviate the risk of data loss on a daily basis.

Ransomware Is Growing In Threat To Businesses – SMBs Specifically

The common belief is that cyber criminals only target SMBs and large enterprises. However, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, recent studies on the matter illustrate that 43 percent of all cyber criminal activities are targeted on SMBs.

A ransomware attack is a cyber attack technique, which involves “stealing” company-sensitive data. From there, the hackers hold your data hostage until you meet the requirements – a typical western standoff. The big difference being your businesses reputation is on the line.

Losing Data Stagnates Your Employees Productivity

Employees deal with company-sensitive data on a day to day basis. In order to contact customers, verify PO’s, and funnel sales. Imagine this company-sensitive data was no longer available. The daily operation of your business would be crippled until you recover the data. In order to do this, you would need a data recovery and backup system in place – it’s a vicious cycle that you can break through being proactive.

A Data Breach Can Compromise The Credibility Of Your Business

We have touched upon this above. However, it is an important point, which we feel the need to emphasize. Regardless of the reason why you lost irreplaceable data, imagine the phone-calls explaining to a valuable customer that you no longer have the ability to work for them due to a data breach? Not only will there be a ton of embarrassing calls to be made. But it will also cause an incorrigible loss in business reputation. This is something you don’t want your business to go through.

Here is a Infographic Nicely showing importance of Backup & Recovery

Infographic created by MXOtech

Data Breaches Have Been Known To Cripple Businesses

Some businesses tend to flinch away from data recovery due to the initial investment cost. But take a moment to think about the irreparable harm a data breach has on your business. If a hacker were to hold your data for ransom – how much would “expensive” be? What about if a natural disaster struck, your servers destroyed – how long would it take you to replace the non-existent data? Would you be able to do it before customers lost faith in your brand and operations?

What To Consider When Looking Into A Viable Data Recovery Solution

With a rising number of threats to your businesses data – the only option to safeguard your business is to be proactive. It is important to test your data backup recovery solution. There is nothing worse than believing that your data is secure and being proved wrong when a disaster strikes.

Finding a suitable data backup solution involves analyzing the needs of your business. If a disaster were to strike, what do you need to continue with daily operations? There are countless different methods that a business can implement as a data recovery and backup solution to mitigate risks.

For example, along with having a data recovery solution in place, consider automating some of your other work. Plenty of jobs in your business can be automated – whether you’re aware of it or not. Your business can utilize sales management tools that will ensure your daily sales operations will never miss a beat.

Do What’s Best for Your Business

No matter what, you want your business to be protected as possible. Along with the all of the reasons above stating you should invest in data recovery software, you want your employees to be up to date as well. If a cybercriminal attempts to hack your business through email – your employees need to know what a suspicious email looks like. You may also consider hiring a security guard to protect your hardware. No matter how small the step is, take it. Your business needs to be ready for anything and there are several ways to go about this.

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