Why React Is Taking Over Front-End Development?

Website developers and other people who work with front-end development technologies may notice that the popularity of the React library has increased over the past few months. Let us see why did it become so popular and what are the reasons for using React by the well-known and massive websites like Netflix, Yahoo, etc.

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Using Components

In React framework, large interfaces are divided into smaller components. Understanding of this structure is needed for all those who want to use React in website development. It allows you to put small sections of HTML code into components to use them as you need.

More and more developers accept than components are better than templates. Now you may need more time for learning and adapting to this style but later you will understand its benefits for the web development.

Easy Learning

If you already know and understand JavaScript and its principles, it would be easy for you to learn working with the React frontend library. What would you need to learn? It has a very small API, so you will need to learn only a few functions and their usage in website development. Therefore, it should be easy.

Many people feel afraid of learning other programming technologies because adapting to them may take weeks or more. You don’t need to worry

“How many hours do I need to become a React JS specialist”, “How can I write my research paper on React if I have never used it before”, or “do I need special courses for it”.

You only need take a look on helpful site and spend a few hours to understand principles of writing.

Using Different Generations Of JavaScript Syntax

React doesn’t make you use only one specific JavaScript syntax. You can use the old syntax if you prefer or switch to the latest iteration ES2015. It is good for different generations of developers who need to understand the code they are writing.

Describing User Interfaced Declaratively

When using React, developers do not need to use the difficult code for describing transactions on interfaces because this library provides them with a much better approach to development. It allows them to describe interfaces in terms of a final state.

Reactive Updates

The user interface represented by a component changes after the changing of this component. When the user interface description changes, it should be reflected on the PC or another device where the website is opened.

When using old libraries and frameworks, developers worry about when and how to reflect these changes and spend much time on it. Therefore, it becomes too time-consuming. React has much easier behavior because it adapts to state changes so you don’t need to worry much.

Mixing JS And HTML Code Into JSX Files

React makes work with HTML and JavaScript code easier than you think. It provides JSX files that combine HTML and JavaScript. It means that you can put HTML code directly into your JS code if you need. That is another thing that makes it easier in use.

It allows you to use benefits of both HTML and JavaScript languages when creating useful websites by using different tools. It also makes the process of user interface components development quick and easier.

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Other Reasons Of React Popularity

There are also many other advantages of React. Take a look at the following benefits:

  • With it, developers are able to describe user interfaces in any way they want. Therefore, specialists don’t need to work on each step to describe every transaction on UIs, they only need to use functions to create any components they want.
  • Using of Flux. This is the architecture that allows you develop data layers in JavaScript applications with defining explicit and traceable data update paths, so this part of development becomes much more simple.
  • The Virtual Browser. You don’t have to spend hours on working with the complicated structure of HTML elements. It is easier to work with the environment of the virtual browser that functions between the developer and the real browser.
  • Generating HTML. We not only want to use HTML objects, we need to generate the code by using different functions. The React library and its virtual browser work well with generating and rendering HTML code by using JavaScript.
  • Easy Information Tracking. With it, you don’t have to use a lot of data elements and difficult JavaScript code for tracking. You can use simple and understandable code based on working with states of the User Interface.
  • Command Line Interface. For many months, React developers asked for a CLI. The first versions of React didn’t have Command Line interface and possibility to create a project from scratch. Now there is the CLI and it is easier for developers who start working with this library.
  • Intuitive language. It allows you to use JSX so you can use HTML code with the interactivity of JavaScript. You can use all its benefits for writing the code for a website and also use HTML code where it is needed.
  • Easy Reading. If you are using the declarative style when coding, it will be easier to read and understand your code. It makes working with the code simpler and allows you spending less time on your code maintaining.

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