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Artificial Intelligence & Other Innovative Technologies that Affect our Future

People learned how to fly. We have already made the first steps in space and learned how to turn light and wind into energy.

The last century gave birth to a lot of interesting solutions and devices. The future seems no less exciting and intriguing, with a lot of innovations coming our way.

In this article, we’ll review some of the most promising technologies that will definitely play a part in our lives in the upcoming years.

Let’s jump right in!

Artificial Intelligence

We couldn’t ignore this technology even though it has been with us for over sixty years now. It’s in the headline, right?

Today, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. Together with Machine Learning, it is powering your smartphone, controlling your robot vacuum cleaner, answering your questions in the form of Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, and even driving cars.

We can only predict what AI will turn into in the future. What we can tell without a doubt is that this technology will play a huge role in our lives. Artificial Intelligence will take over driving one day. It will power every device around us and change every aspect of our life. According to Forbes, the use of AI has grown by 270% in the majority of industry sectors.

Big Data

Big data is another technology that already exists but has not shown its true power yet. Over the last ten years, the world generated over 90% of all the data we have now. But the thing is, we don’t derive the real power out of this data.

Thanks to Machine Learning and Big Data, it’s possible to process large volumes of information and analyze the generated data to make better predictions, identify patterns, make data-driven decisions.

Big data has the power to change every industry, including eCommerce, tourism, advertising, genetics, and others. In the future, it will penetrate even more spheres of our lives and turn data into one of the most valuable trading assets.

Self-Driving Cars

Nowadays, we can witness active advancements in the industry of autonomous cars. Self-driving cars should have already become our reality, as mentioned by CNBC. However, the industry is at the initial stages of development. In the future, self-driving cars are predicted to take over the roads. Electric cars will help to reduce pollution and noise and create safer traffic on the roads.

Interconnected cars won’t need a driver to navigate streets. They will exchange information between themselves, build the best routes themselves, and, hopefully, reduce the number of car accidents.


Nanobots are tiny devices that have a huge power within themselves. Such solutions already exist; however, their use is very limited. In the future, nanobots are predicted to change medicine and medical diagnosis. With their help, it would be possible to diagnose cancer at early stages and perform highly-targeted treatment with the medicine delivered directly to cancer cells by nanobots.

Hyper-Fast Trains

Elon Mas has already started working in this direction with his company Hyperloop. Hyper-speed underground transport systems are already being built and tested in the USA. When the construction is over, people will be able to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in under 29 minutes. Today, the trip takes around three hours.

The power of hyper-fast transport is not limited to the revolutionization of public transportation. In the foreseeable future, hyper-fast transportation will connect countries and continents. People will be able to get to the destination in an hour or two instead of spending ten hours on a flight.


Internet connection will become even faster in the future thanks to the adoption of Li-Wi. This new technology has been in development for the past few years and has a number of benefits as compared to Wi-Fi.

Li-Fi is capable of transmitting data at a much faster speed than Wi-Fi because the visible light spectrum is around ten thousand times larger than the spectrum of radio waves. The adoption of this technology will make our internet lightning-fast. Literally!

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things won’t be the same in the upcoming years. Scientists predict a huge future for this technology. It will leave our homes and will become the driving force behind whole cities and countries.

Thanks to the ecosystem of interconnected devices, such as smartphones, cars, apartments, and buildings, smart cities will provide citizens with a great living experience. There will be no traffic jams, and we’ll live in a more sustainable world.

In Conclusion

As you can see, an exciting future lies ahead of us. We can only make predictions regarding the technologies that will change our lives forever.

What we can predict is that technologies will become the main driving force for innovations, a new way of life, and a more sustainable environment. Many IT firms, including – software development company, will work on implementing new digital projects and tools that will definitely change our current lifestyle.

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