Amazon Exclusive: The Big Steal on Amazon this May

One Plus 6, the Most Awaited Phone of the Year! 

The all-new Amazon-exclusive One Plus 6 needs no introduction but let us tell you in brief about it for those who are not aware of it. The One plus 6 is the most awaited Smartphone of the year. Within years one plus brand has been able to create a big name in the market and a loyal customer base. The one plus 6 is going to be launched on 17th Of May 2018 at 3 PM and all the prime members are going to get an exclusive early access sale at 12 PM on 21st of May! This phone has a superior built and is an amazing feature packed Smartphone. Let us look at what the new One Plus 6 has to offer.

Product Specifications

The One Plus 6 has an amazing curved design to it. We are able to make out that it flares a beautiful vibrant purple reflecting color and has a glassy effect on its body. It comes with an 8GB Ram and a 256GB internal memory! WHOAA!

That’s like power packed to perform like a beast. The one plus 6 also flaunts the all-new QUALCOMM Snapdragon 845 processor for all that hassle-free and smooth gaming experience. It’s also going to showcase a Marvel Avengers Limited Edition. So, everyone’s going to have to be quick to grab the deal.

Technical Specifications

Let us look at the technical specifications that the One Plus 6 is going to flaunt. We brought the latest news regarding the One Plus 6 from some sources.

USB Type C 8GB Ram
64/128/256 GB Internal Memory 6.28’’ Display
3450 mAh Battery Dual Camera With Super Slow Motion 720p @ 960fps
Fingerprint sensor Screen Notch, Water Resistant & Glass Rear
  • The One Plus 6 is definitely a smartphone to look out for. There will be some Amazon deals on it you should keep an eye on for!
  • Mark the date! It’s going live on 17th of May 2018 at 3 pm!

Realme 1

The Amazon Realme 1 is a new Smartphone brand powered by OPPO. It’s the first Smartphone brand to be launching its first Smartphone over the internet. This Smartphone is one of the new launches on Amazon. It’s going to be revealed on 15th May 2018, 2 days before the launch of the One Plus 6! The company states that the phone is being made for the youth and has also made a statement regarding it being highly affordable holding all the premium phone features. It’s going to flaunt a unique black diamond design.

Product Specifications

Rumor has it that this Smartphone is going to be priced between INR 10,000 to 20,000!

Not bad!

Isn’t it?

The phone is going to feature a metallic frame and a shiny back panel with triangular diamond shaped patterns. It’s going to have 500 service centers all over the country. Probably going to feature a 6.2’’ FHD screen and a dual nano sim support to name some of the features. Let’s look at the features in brief!

Technical Specifications

USB Type C 4GB Ram
128 GB Internal Memory 6’’ Display
3400 mAh Battery 16 MP Rear Camera & 8MP Front Camera
Fingerprint sensor Metal Frame
  • These are some of the rumored features the new realme 1 is expected to have.
  • The actual model might come with differences these are just presumptive specifications.

MAY is definitely a month to look out for some big Amazon deals in the Mobile Segment. Be ready for the big steal and know more about it and other great deals on Amazon!

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