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TCS Ultimatix is an Enterprise Resource Planning portal for TCS’s employees.

It provides a great way to manage and automate services like Salary Management, Timesheet, HR services etc.

Tata Consultancy Services, commonly known as TCS is an Indian Multinational IT Service solutions company.

Important Note
TCS has headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra. At present TCS is working from 46 countries in the world. According to a survey report of March 2015, Tata Consultancy Services has more than 300,000 employees in total. The complexity to manage the such number of employee in any organization is very large.

TCS provides IT services, Business Solutions, and Outsourcing. To handle such a large number of employee base TCS has launched an ERP portal tool known as TCS Ultimatix. It can manage the whole system of employee management. Ultimatix is the official TCS portal for all its employee. It has proven its worth till this date.

Helpline Number

Toll-Free (US): 1-877-TCS-INDY (1-877-827-4639)

Toll Free (India): 1-800-425-4827 / 1-800-Call-TCS (1-800-255-5827).

Toll-Free (UK): 0207-2458000

TCS US Toll-Free number (Clients): 1800-425-2922.

login URL is

You can contact in Email address given below:

TCS ultimatix domain has been changed

It can be easily accessed by all its TCS employees. Previously the ultimatix site URL was but recently they has changed their URL. At present, the official site is Ultimatix-Digitally Connected.

However, the content and theme of the new site are the same as the old domain.

Also, the functionality provided in the new domain is same as the old one. If you are familiar with the old TCS ultimatix functionality then you don’t need to worry about this change. You will not find any significant difference. The official site for Tata Consultancy Service(TCS) is TCS is one of the most innovative and bleeding edge executions of big business innovation. TCS wins InfoWorld 100 with venture UTMX yearly honors. Though it is only available to TCS employee.

TCS ultimatix is also available on the popular marketplace such as google play store and iOS store as a mobile app. This system works smoothly on both TCS ultimatix iOS(iPhone) and Android app. It will be really helpful for you in managing your own record.

TCS Ultimatix Touch App Mobile
TCS Ultimatix Touch App Mobile

TCS Ultimatix touch App| Global Helpdesk Number

TCS Ultimatix helps each employee to manage his timesheet and view other relevant services. The system cannot be said perfect because some instances were reported where an employee told that it is showing ‘Your account has been suspended.’ This issue should not be ignored.

You should report this to solve the issue as earliest as possible. In case your login is suspended, then you should report this case to RMG. You can also take the help of TCS global helpdesk number. , if you are interested in music. Its Global helpdesk number will help you to get your account back. 

In ultimatix, all individuals are given a client ID and password. UTMX helps you as an associate of TCS organization. It will take you to the site TCS ultimatix login page. You can manage all things in ultimatix TCS login, to get additional data about their administration.

ERP portal automates all administrations like regular jobs including payroll, timesheet, and many others.

TCS ultimatix will make the whole management system more flexible than ever. Because the system for it is totally automated it greatly saves organization time which can be used to do more productive work related to their business. As previously explained TCS has over 3,00,000 employees.

TCS Ultimatix: ERP Portal, More things to know 

It now tata elxsi ultimatix helps each member to get his/her best arrangement. You only have to use the web or use TCS ultimatix mobile app. It helps you with the following:

  1. For getting a particular arrangement just provide the particular record of every offshoot of UTMX,
  2. This site will help you manage distinctive issue identified with IT and your business.
  3. This is the main reason why this site will work for everybody. The only necessity should be of using the site.
  4. It also allows everybody to get the organization profile at look.
  5. This site is arranged just for the individuals’ members who want to get to the site.

When you forgot TCS Ultimatix Login Password And Need To Reset The Password

A user recently asked  “I Forgot Ultimatix Login Password And Need To Reset The Password“.In case if you have forgotten your password call TCS Ultimatix global helpdesk number or customer care number. They will tell you the way for resetting your password . The lovable thing is that its support is global helpdesk number of its employee.

So any employee from any corner of the world can connect this. If this is not helpful then contact your HR or just hover over to tcs webmail login.

Avoid using a random password because it might be hard for you to remember. Choose a password which is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.

Don’t share your password with anyone, keep it confidential. If need any help contact Global Helpdesk Number or Ultimatix helpdesk mail id, Touch & all Info. Global helpdesk care will soon reply on your number. So this is all about tata elxsi ultimatix.

How to download TCS Ultimatix Touch App for iOS iPhone and Android

Steps for downloading the TCS ultimatix touch app on your smartphone, It is available for both android and iOS:

  1. First steps register your android device or ios (iphone).    Open TCS Ultimatix from mobile(Android-iOS) —-> Utilities —-> Appmart in your android or iOS | iPhone to register your device
  1. Second steps is to get registered and authorized. When you have done this you will be shown all apps that are available to download for your smartphone irrespective of your device.
  2. Choose TCS Ultimatix app from the list by tapping on it and the installation will start on your smartphone.

Now simply login into TCS ultimatix touch app for your smartphone.

Features of TCS Ultimatix: all Things you need to know

TCS Ultimatix Touch App Mobile Helpdesk Number For Employees Portal
TCS Ultimatix Touch App Mobile Helpdesk Number For Employees Portal

In case you are a new joiner or fresher in TCS organization then it might be possible that you don’t know about all the powerful features which you can do. Here is the list of all things which can be done.

The common problem of employees related to TCS Ultimatix tata elxsi ultimatix

This will answer your doubts on “What all things you can do with ERP System?” so here we go..

  1. It provides updated timesheet schedule for all TCS employee on regular basis.
  2. The simple way to download your pay slip but first login into TCS Ultimatix.
  3. It can also help you to manage your leave. Just request your supervisor. He will get a notification about your request. Once he or she approves your request you can simply go on leave for that day or period.
  4. Dedicated section for Performance Management: promotions and hikes in the salaries.
  5. TCS employee can fetch the information about any other employee, TCS Ultimatix app will help you in this case also. It will provide you with official details about the supervisor’s name, project name, contact name, etc.
  6. Manage your allowances including Provident Fund.
  7. It stores your documents including your offer letter, joining letter, and other confidential documents
  8. Apply for internal job postings within TCS by using this excellent TCS Ultimatix ERP portal.
  9. It will help you directly connect to your HR.
  10. It will able to take you to its secret social network UTMX Social media as well for its employees, connect with awesome people and share your ideas, moments and thoughts within TCS organization in this system.
  11. You will be able to download documents like Appointment letter, Bonafide letter, Joining letter, etc.
  12. It manages all your PF and different allowances that are provided by the TCS in its secure wallet.
  13. TCS ultimatix in overall is the door for finding all things and getting in TCS organization its nothing but UTMX.

Final Conclusion

So tell us what you liked about this article on TCS Ultimatix. If you need more help than you can always head to the official site TCS .

All you need is to login into the app. If this was helpful for you please drop below a comment as an appreciation to the effort for tata elxsi ultimatix.

Hope you all enjoyed it.

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