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What Makes a ‘Good’ Internet Service?

Nowadays, there’s no denying that the internet is one of the most important services available in our society. It connects us all, provides us access to the most extensive database of information that has ever existed, grants us access to unlimited entertainment, and helps us shop more conveniently than ever before.

However, this is only possible if you’re using a ‘good’ internet connection.

But what makes an internet connection worth having?

What should you look out for when choosing the service that’s right for you?

Today, we’re going to find out.


Speed is perhaps the most crucial aspect of internet service you’ll want to look into. This is broken down into two main elements; upload speed and download speed. For the majority of internet users, the latter is the aspect you’ll want to focus on.

If you stream video, play games, or browse websites, the download speed will affect how quickly you’ll have access to these. For example, if you’re streaming a low-quality video, that requires a 2 MPBS (megabits per second) connection, and you have a 5MBPS internet speed, you’ll be fine.

However, if you’re downloading a high-quality video that demands a 5MBPS connection and you have the same internet connection, you may find some lag or buffering times with your video. The more devices you have connected to the internet and the more internet-intensive services you’re using, the more this speed will be affected.

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The point above leads us nicely into this point. Imagine the internet is a series of tubes. There’s only limited space for data to pass through these tubes. Think of it like water in a pipe. You might be able to pump 1 gallon of water (referring to internet data) through a certain width of the pipe.

The more devices you have connected to the internet, the more water is drained out of the pipe, so by the time you get to the end of the pipe, you’ll only have a limited amount left with a little pressure.

When choosing an internet provider, the more devices you’re using, the higher the bandwidth you’ll need to cater to these devices. If you want some of the fastest possible speeds, you’ll want to use a service like www.SuddenLink.com/.


There are three main types of internet delivery, referring to how your internet will actually be connected to your property. These are cable, DSL (phone line), and satellite. You’ll need to check what kind of connection you have to choose the internet provider that can cater to your needs.


Of course, the more internet you’re using, the higher the cost of your service, so you’ll need to think about the budget you’re willing to spend. If you want a faster service, such as fiber-optic (currently the internet service with the fastest speeds and highest bandwidth) and unlimited downloads, you’ll be paying the highest fees.

However, if you use a lot of internets, have a lot of downloads, or maybe even stream video games or upload videos, this is something you’ll want to look into.


These are the core points you’ll want to think about when it comes to choosing the internet service provider that’s right for you. When selecting the right provider, make sure you’re thinking about your internet requirements and then choosing the plan that’s best suited to meet those requirements!

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