2018 Trends in Software Development

The world of technology and innovations does not stand still. Just a few years ago no one could even imagine that the world would go crazy with cryptocurrency, or the current generation would see a boom of artificial intelligence systems. Nevertheless, this can become a reality already today. So, let’s look at the Several emerging trends that will determine the state of the world market for IT services and technologies in the short term.

Blockchain Programmers Will Be in the Top of the Most Demanded

This is a new technology, which has already significantly changed the financial sphere. Bitcoin and other electronic currencies are working on the blockchain. Blockchain greatly simplified the transfer of money to third parties and the attraction of money for projects. In 2018, the blockchain will go beyond simple banking applications and penetrate into other areas, such as money transfer, insurance, and digital identification.

The Growing Importance of Information Security

In 2017, computer security experts faced issues of fighting viruses-extortionists, protecting systems from DDoS attacks and enhancing the security of the Internet of things. Analyzing this year, it is possible to say that the problem of data protection will become one of the most urgent in 2018.

One of the main problems of the next year will be hackers using machine learning as an instrument of the “arms race” in the field of software. This is a newer way to conduct business attacks using viruses-extortionists and potential exploits embedded in serverless applications.Confidentiality issues are also a growing concern, as collecting user data from devices can go unnoticed.

AI and Machine Learning Development

Just a few years ago the Big Data and cloud services ideas revolutionized the IT business, and then the real sector companies. Top managers and businessmen from a wide range of sectors quickly assessed the opportunities offered by the big data analytics, the value of this data as a source of knowledge and the way to get the most from this information using the cloud infrastructure.

The technology of machine learning is a logical development of these concepts. This innovation, which was fantastic a few years ago, has already become one of the most sought-after business tools. It is now difficult to find a large company-leader in its direction, which would not declare the adaptation of methods of machine learning to its production, logistics or financial processes. In 2018, the main task of software developers will be to develop a user-friendly interface that is not overloaded with various mathematical options.

Integrated Tool Sets to Accelerate the Process of Developing Ideas in Practice

Taking into account the speed with which innovations are developed and launched, it makes sense to think about improving and speeding up the development process itself. The world of information technology is first and foremost the speed of thought and the speed of the idea’s realization. For this reason, it is to be expected that in 2018 programmers will receive a set of integrated tools that optimize the development process for both customers and the coders themselves.

The Growth of Development and Usage of Business Apps

This trend concerns not only the development of applications for working with customers but also applications that will be used by the companies internally to optimize their work. In this regard, in 2018, companies will gradually introduce specialized tools for each department that will in the future allow synchronized work with large amounts of data.

Frameworks Are Getting to The Top

If in the previous paragraph we talked about the final result, then here it is a question of the programming process itself. Of course, we know and respect such frameworks as Angularjs or Reactjs, but 2018 promises programmers even more advanced tools. New generation frameworks will focus on the speed and flexibility of development, and will also provide an opportunity to control each stage of project creation.

PHP 7 and Laravel 5 Development

Programmers who genuinely love these technologies can begin to anticipate positive changes. In 2018, the PHP programming language will be further improved, and Laravel fans will be able to test its new features in practice.Thus, projects using these technologies will become even more flexible in development and easy to use.

Chatbots for Faster Communication

The time when the user needs to have several dozens of applications on his device is almost a thing of the past. A new trend is a chatbot communication.This means that in the near future, users will increasingly prefer to use voice tools instead of manual ones to search for information and even to interact with their favorite brands and services.


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