Top 5 Alternative of Spotify You Must try

Music is what you need if you want to get relaxed. Life without music would be boring, awkward. If you want to feel the joy without getting out, you can listen music. If you want to motivate yourself, listen motivational music. It all depends on your feelings which type of music will joy you. I can write more on music but I am not here to write about music. I am going to tell you top 5 alternatives to spotify (spotify Alternatives).

When it comes to music streaming or downloading quality music, Spotify is one of the best music streaming app. It is available in both free and paid version. Spotify Premium has lots of cool features such as spotify connect, unlimited music, Save music for offline, amazing sound quality. You can create playlist for your favorite song collections. With Spotify you can find latest track according to the genres, Artist and songs. Spotify may not available in some of countries. According to the latest news, Spotify is going to be launched in India soon. Now Spotify lovers don’t require VPN in their smartphones to use spotify premium apk. They can purchase subscription and enjoy unlimited high quality music streaming and downloading.

Well, Spotify Premium may not available in your country and looking for a different perspective to discover music or looking for free music streaming platform you can try out these top 5 Spotify alternatives.These Alternatives could be best choice for you. Features of these alternatives to spotify are similar to Spotify premium. You can listen your favorite song from Favorite artist anywhere, anytime. You can also Download Spotify Premium Apk for free. These Alternatives lets you feel music in a better way. Doesn’t matter that spotify is one the best Music streaming app, but these spotify alternatives are similar to it in comparison of Music quality and other features.

iTunes Music Store

Apple’s iTunes store has about 40+ Millions of tracks and it is one of the largest music platform. It is available for only iOS and Mac. It offers to stream and download music. You can also purchase individual music from there. Itunes Match costs you $29/year to store free or purchased music on iCloud. You can stream high quality music on this platform. All I can say it is one of the best Spotify alternatives.

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Google Play Music

Google play music is available for Android lovers. You can store up to 50,000 songs in its music locker library and get access to them from anywhere and in any device. To stream music Google Play has $10/month subscription plan. It offers over 30+ millions tracks across 60+ countries. It can be best spotify alternatives for Android users until you get Spotify launch in your country.


Deezer is a free site to stream music available in the countries like Paris, France. It has 15 Millions Active members and track and about 70 Millions track in its server. Deezer is also available for Android, Windows and iOS. Deezer also lets us to connect with friends, send direct messages to them and create music blog pages. It is like social music platform.


Grooveshark is another music streaming site and best spotify alternative. Millions of high quality tracks are available to stream and listen online. The best thing about the Grooveshark is that you can listen music without signing up on their websites. Just type your favorite song or artist name in the search bar and hit enter, you will see a list of songs by that artist. If you want to get lyrics of any song, you can set from website itself. You can listen music according to your mood by navigating to Genres. Grooveshark is also available for Android, you can check their website for download link.

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is probably the well known music and radio streaming platform. It offers its users Radio streaming , millions of tracks across 100+ Countries and has 20 millions active members. Pandora has about 1 million Tracks in its music library. You can listen ad free music on pandora at $4/Month of subscription. Pandora is not available for for Desktop currently but you can download it for Android device.

Final Note

Hope you find this post helpful for best spotify alternatives. Some music streaming platform has subscription plan to stream and purchase music and some provides you free of cost. You want to get better quality music then you can subscribe google Play Music and iTunes Store. These are top 5 alternatives to Spotify that you must try out. If you are from India, you can wait until spotify launches in India too or you can give a try to these music streaming platform and best spotify Alternatives.

What are your thoughts about these alternatives?Which one is the best music platform in above alternatives to spotify? let me know your thoughts about them.

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