What is Pay Per Call?- An Insightful Guide

If you are in the business, then you must have heard of this term- Pay per call (PPC)!

What is Pay Per Call?- An Insightful Guide 1

But today we are not going to tell you the definition of PPC instead we will look from the business perspective. PPC is basically an advertising model in which the publishers are paid by the advertisers based on the number of the calls made by the people looking at the served ad. Here the advertisers usually pay based on the following-

  • per call
  • per impression
  • per conversion

Nowadays, pay per call model is getting quite famous as business directly get a chance to talk to their potential customer instead of just getting someone on their landing page. The best thing here is both advertisers and publishers are getting benefits from PPCall as publisher usually get higher payout and advertisers receive highly targeted leads which have more probability to get converted.

In PPCall, the advertisers will have to pay for the call made by the customer and not the customer. Usually, the number provided in the ads are toll-free and they charge from the company for all the calls received.

Why is Pay Per Call one of the best advertising models?

Let’s see why Pay Per call is one of the most powerful ways of advertisement.

What is Pay Per Call?- An Insightful Guide 2

Valuable Leads

Especially if you are in the service industry moreover the local services then PPcall works awesome. Usually, for local services people search for near me and in this case all they want is the direct contact details of the company whom they can talk instead of getting redirected to the website.

For example, I just made a search to the term plumber San Jose and see the result I am getting in my cell phone. It is loads of local result with a direct option to call the provider. Isn’t that effective and easy? Such result help business gets the highly targeted leads which can be easily converted into the sale.

What is Pay Per Call?- An Insightful Guide 3

Quality control and Fraud detection

As we know the call marketing is higher ROI than any other form of marketing. Moreover, what happens once you advertise for some product and you capture the leads digitally by some landing page then there are chances that you will get the junk leads.

Sometimes, you may even won’t be able to get in touch with those leads. Also, digital leads always don’t have the intention to buy. But the same doesn’t apply to the PPcall. If someone is calling you by taking time, then think how sure they will be buying the product. Also, if handled properly, it has been seen that these calls easily get converted into a sale.

Another stuff of PPcall is the fraud detection. That meant to say, you can make filters with the call tracking software like you don’t want to get the junk calls. By this way, you will only receive the quality leads.

Pay Per Call Tracking Software with Ringba

With the help of the call tracking software like Ringba, you will be able to get micro insight as well better visibility. Here are some of the details those you can derive from these calls-

  • Call traffic sources
  • Top campaigns and affiliates
  • Call conversions and outcomes
  • Trends in customer behaviors and preferences
  • Detailed caller profiles
  • Entire view of the path to purchase

Based on these details, you can get to any level of insight you want for taking some useful business decisions.


These were all about what is Pay Per Call and how it is one of the best advertising models where both advertisers and publishers get equally benefited. If you are a publisher and you are sure about the quality of your traffic, then you must look for PPcall offers.

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