iphone 6 vs one plus 2

Faceoff : iPhone 6 Vs One Plus 2

Battle begins between the titans of the smartphone- iPhone 6 and One plus 2. Both the phones are superb and have almost everything you have thought of your dream phone. Here we are trying to draw a fine line of comparison between these two front-runner flagship killers.

One Plus has huge fan base and it’s considered as the second most famed smartphone after iPhone 6 in our world. Let’s dig a line of comparison of features and specs.

iPhone 6 Vs One Plus 2

iphone 6 vs one plus 2


The OnePlus 2 has a better style compared to OnePlus One, however there’s still space for improvement. It’s not quite the slimmest phone around at 9.9 mm thick, while its back cover is a harsh plastic junk. It’s certainly very easy to grasp, however it doesn’t look or feel especially fantastic. Fortunately if you stump up a little extra cash there are some even more unique and intriguing alternatives you could switch it for, such as bamboo or Kevlar.

Apple nearly never lets down with its designs and while apple iphone 6 is rather similar to apple iphone 6 it still looks excellent. A slim 7.1 mm metal uni body with bent sides ensures it looks and feels smooth as well as it’s accurately a far better looking phone compared to common metal and plastic version of the OnePlus 2.


iphone 6 has a 4.7-inch display with 1334 x 750 screen, so it’s relatively sharp and as usual from Apple you can expect excellent contrast and also fantastic colour. Apple iPhone 7 which is yet to be released has been in center of rumor for its 16 million color depth!

The OnePlus 2 has a 1080p display screen, yet it’s a much bigger 5.5-inch one, with a pixel thickness of 401 pixels each inch. It’s a little sharper after that however it’s not the best screen we have actually ever come across. However it has great viewing angles as well as could be pumped up to a high illumination for improved eye adjustment in daylight.


With a (most likely dual-core) Apple A9 processor iPhone 6 may not seem like an incredibly fast phone, but that’s really a significant upgrade over apple iphone 5S and that older phone has no problem running most apps as well as video games.

The OnePlus 2 has a 1.8 GHz octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor with either 3GB or 4GB of RAM, every one of which brings about moderately excellent performance, though it could obtain a little bit cozy during prolonged gaming sessions and the home button occasionally takes a moment to respond.


Apple generally delivers an excellent video camera and also it absolutely looks like it has with the iPhone 6. The mobile phone has a 12MP sensor on the back and also a 5MP one on front.

The OnePlus 2’s snapper is good yet definitely the one we look for. It has a 13MP sensor on back and a 5MP one on the front, so just like the apple iPhone 6.


iPhone 6 ships with iOS 9, which takes every little thing excellent regarding iOS 8 as well as builds on it, consisting of adding new attributes to Siri and Apple Maps. The apple iPhone 6 also has 3D Touch, which adds a brand new ways to communicate with phone, permitting it to respond in different ways to light and also tough presses. It’s a bit like the way you could get some different alternatives by tapping or long pressing a symbol on lots of handsets.

iPad Air 3 which is soon to be released will probably bring iOS 9.1.

OnePlus 2 does not have any type of fancy pressure sensitive technology; however it does have a very excellent interface. It runs Android 5.1 skinned with Oxygen OS, which keeps the Android look and also format however puts a number of other choices.


At 3,300 mAh the OnePlus 2 has a bigger battery compared to a lot of 2015 flagships. The iPhone 6 possibly won’t have fairly as great battery life, as we’re expecting comparable efficiency to just-about-a-day life of iPhone 6.

Rate and Availbility

Cost is one point the OnePlus 2 truly has got in its favour, as you could pick it up from ₤ 239 ($329, around AU$ 517). That’s ludicrously cheap for a flagship phone, however sadly really buying it is a little trickier, as it’s all about invitation only.

iPhone 6 has the type of cost you ₤ 539 ($649, AU$ 1,079). Simply puts it’s nearly dual what OnePlus 2 costs, yet it is probably a somewhat more premium phone.

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