Saint Row iv

5 Proven Tips To Play Saints Row IV Game Perfectly

Volition came up with the fourth edition of Saints Row in August 2013. The game was published by Deep Silver. The fourth edition was launched for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The open world action game received mixed feedbacks after its inception as the game was praised and criticized simultaneously by the critics. An interesting fact about Saints Row is that it was briefly banned in Australia. Saints Row was appreciated for its humor and character customization options and as a result over a million copies were purchased within a week.While the game was praised for its humor, on the other hand, it was also experiencing criticism as few critics felt that the game fails regarding providing a challenging environment.

Saint Row iv

The players control the leader of the 3rd Street Saints. The character is the head of a street gang that has gained popularity and power. The characteristic of the game which makes it even better is the ability of the player to roam freely in the game environment in other words the controlled player can explore new places and new things without being confined in a particular area while completing a task or the primary mission.

5 Tips To Play The Game

1. Tip For Beginners

For beginners, when you are about to face alien bikers or other aerial enemies it is very important that you have sufficient ammunition or else you’ll suffer a great loss. For the hovering ships the best counter attack is the freeze blast, the only disadvantage with the freeze blast is that it requires some time to recharge but it is very useful when it comes to sending your enemy back to the place it came from, the only suggestion with freeze blast is to run around till it recharges and find an opening and blow the ship or the alien away.

2. Use of Super Sprint

The super sprint will help you reach your destination faster, try to unlock the super sprint as quickly as you can, also the best way to travel running and jumping over the skyscrapers; the tall buildings are also a place to find lots of essentials and collectibles, so choose buildings over anything else. Use saints row 4 cheats from the game terminal to enable the super sprint command.

3. Ragdoll Fraud Game

When it comes to the Ragdoll fraud game try to focus on finding a freeway, perform a super jump and then dash, then keep moving the ragdoll through the traffic and keep colliding with every vehicle that comes your way. The search of the freeway is very necessary as when the mission starts you’ll start pretty high. Using this you can hold any of the insurance fraud mission.

4. Maps In Saint Row 4

The map is a very useful tool in your missions. All you got to do is to hit the select button and choose the map which appears on the left corner of the screen; the map allows you to see everything in the city. You can navigate easily using the map as you can set a marker on your destination and the map would guide you. Also, it tells you a shorter path in case you are not in the mood of exploring the city unnecessarily.

5. Game Environment

The game environment offers temptation and you may surely feel like roaming freely in the city to explore but during certain times the idea of exploration is just a waste of time as it would delay the power unlocks which are very necessary to complete the upcoming challenges, so keep in mind the importance of unlocking the power and stay focused else you’ll keep on delaying yourself from reaching the correct destination. Keep on completing challenges, the successful completion of challenges may help you earn quite useful stuff. The problems can be selected from the quest log, and complete 19 challenges will unlock the Notoriety wipe skill which allows you to dismiss attackers by simply hitting a button.

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Surely you’ll love to eliminate the ugly aliens that come your way, but sometimes it is more important to reach the required place, ignoring the ugly creatures coming your way and running past them. You’ll initially lose your battle with Zinyak, and when you reach the 50’s inspired level, you’ll visit the park eventually where you can exhibit your powers and unleash the wild within you by releasing the rocket launcher but you need to be careful while unleashing the chaos as you must look for the traffic and the cops, this would catch Zinyak’s attention and will be your first step towards escaping the virtual world.

Also, try to mix up things, don’t get carried away using your favourite weapon, most of the side quests are similar but don’t ignore them as they may seem boring, but the reality is something different, the reality of these quests is their high importance. These quests would help you practice the combos and new skills.