Top Social Media Apps for Geeks

Many geeks who are people that are interested in learning about the world and exploring new bits of information, and they will do everything to find the best platforms that can suite their way of life. If you are one of them, you probably have wondered if there are media apps that give you an experience that is fulfilling. You probably have not located the best media apps to use, but truth is there are many out there that are not very popular that you can try.One of the best places to download apps is using GetAPK Market.

Here are a few of the best media apps for geeks sampled for you that you may want to try.

Google Goggles

Google Goggles gives you a wide collection of information that is interesting. You will not see a lot of this information in other apps and there is a feature that allows you to search by picture. You can even identify buildings and landmarks while traveling to different places, and it makes for a good tool for learning as along the picture you are given a description and history.


You can also join Ted if you would like to get professional and academic content without reading books. Here you will watch and listen to experts as they analyze concepts and present ideas that are unique and interesting. It covers all subjects and would help you especially while looking to learn something about business. You can get social selling tips and tricks through the advice given by experts on the platform. Simply narrow your search to the business category and you will find rich content that could help you build your business.


StumbledUpon gives you interesting articles that are displayed randomly as picked from the internet. You will be shown this content topically based on your interests, and it helps you to explore a unique territory in your niche. It also has options like share that allow you to connect with more nerds in your circle. You are able to follow other stumblers to see interesting things they share. StumbledUpon has also been good for driving traffic to blogs and sites, so if you have one you could share your link there.


Quora is a question and answer platform that also supports blog sharing. The reasons this platform is unique is that you will find experienced experts in different fields who respond to the questions that are posted, and it makes for a perfect place for learning about new concepts and ideas. It will help you sharpen your perspective towards some communities, and you can always submit your questions whenever you need to know about something. The platform is regulated so you will not find useless information that is common on other social media apps. It is driven by a community that values professionalism and the need to share quality information.

Nerds have a good way to share information and learn when they join one of the apps discussed above. These apps give nerds a perfect place where they will find resourceful content, and they are also given some space in which they can share their contributions on several matters they are interested in. Using one of these apps gives a fulfilling experience that allows you to acquire important information.

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