How to find right DevOps Consulting Company? 

One of the biggest challenges around the services of application development is the exact role of transparency and communication between the teams. For long, various teams like the business analysts, developers, QAs, and the operation teams were independent. Companies also were suffered from their solo approaches. The result of such scenarios was longer delivery cycles of the apps, less innovative product and also a slower response to the market needs.

To overcome those problems, the approach of DevOps presents a number of practices and methodologies that bring the teams closer and to avoid the silos. When we are discussing the DevOps, it is quite common to mention the practices like scaled agile framework, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, continuous testing and so on. Most of those practices are aimed at improving the efficiency of application delivery by reducing the risks of IT response barriers.

DevOps consulting service is one the most growing industries now and there is a number of companies and services to choose.

A consulting company that you need to hire should be one that combines properly the cultural change with the technical change. If you are transitioning to a specific culture where the software can be delivered at best of quality and at good speed, you need the product that structured technically and then you will get the benefits from a rapid and faster deployment.

Tools to achieve the DevOps success

There are various tools that can be used to adopt the DevOps success. The DevOps company should use the tool that suits their needs best, on the other hand, the business analyst may use another tool to determine their success. But the problem is how will those companies manage the communication and keep up the transparency between the teams if each of them uses the different toolset for their works? Looking at this issue, you can hire the consulting company that creates the high level of tools to orchestrate the lifecycle of the applications among the working teams. They use the solution for controlling the tools that used in the DevOps environment are known as DevOps toolchain orchestration solution and only a skilled consulting company can provide you that service.

Consider some major points before choosing the best DevOps consulting service to orchestrate the delivery pipeline of DevOps:

Different teams or company has different needs. Working together with different teams doesn’t mean that all the teams have the same requirements. The AQA team probably needs a smart and easy access to different changes and bugs of apps and properly the operation team may need to ensure the app health. It is important for a consulting company to meet the needs of different teams and provide the orchestrated solution to them.

Communication and transparency

Good communication between the teams to improve the collaboration. A higher level of transparency can reduce the cost significantly and waste through the app delivery. Using too many tools can create a problem to integrate them properly and giving the tool integration can be the best goal of a DevOps consulting service. A team with excellent communication may result in more success with the microservices. A team with a good strategy of cloud can save the cost too but when you are looking for the best consulting service, it is best to have the combination of microservices, DevOps and cloud service. It should be your ultimate goal.

Security cannot be forgotten

Besides the needs of your team, it is utmost important to remember that different teams use different ways frequently to access the project information. Therefore a service provider needs to provide the independent access control that defines the roles clearly.

What you will look for while hiring a DevOps consulting service:

  • To use different tools and to get good cloud strategy, you must need an experienced service, people who worked long in this industry and have a good track record of previous works.
  • They work as a partner with you to properly document the ongoing infrastructure.
  • They should assess the security, performance and the available goal and then will strategize the right infrastructure as per your company’s need.
  • They should implement the regular iterations by set up the priorities regularly with new updates.
  • Select the company that works to protect your concrete infrastructure investment with the DevOps-as-a-service turnkey packages. It can be tuned up perfectly to meet your requirements and to provide you a long-term strong support.
  • Find a service that positions your company for long-term stability with right tools.
  • Hire a completely dedicated team who keep eyes on your platform for 24X7 for 365 days.
  • Don’t go with a lock-in service for long term. Make sure that you have good control of everything, so you can walk away any time from the service provider.

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